Friday, February 22, 2013

Glock Modifications


I saw this video awhile back. Steve Fisher saying the goal of modifying a gun is to improve functionality without messing with durability or reliability I think is a good starting point.

While I do think the Glock is probably the best standard bone stock fighting pistol out there it could be a bit better. I like swapping the normal guide rod/ spring out with a spring that has the same tension (or whatever they call it) but a stainless steel body. The primary reason for this is that a little bit of weight up front helps decrease muzzle rise. Some might also argue they are more durable.

Something new I did today is to swap out the standard trigger connector with a #3.5 trigger connector. Between the reference manual and youtube it wasn't too hard to figure out. Took the gun to try at the range today and it was pretty awesome. It's just a bit lighter and smoother but makes a whole lot of difference. The combination of the steel guide rod and 3.5lbs connector is awesome. It is seriously like a whole different better shooting gun. I shot the same gun about a month back and groups were probably less than half the size this time.

Night sights are pretty much required and are an easy upgrade on most modern service type pistols if the gun does not come with them.

I think the combo of ss guide rod/ spring, 3.5lb connector and night sights is an upgrade all of my Glocks will get. Might just stash a spare set or three (at that mythical time when I have $500 for gun stuff and nothing else to buy) just in case. That way I could set up a Glock acquired however down the road the way I like it. Stole that idea from Matthew Bracken's newest book Castigo Cay.

A pistol mounted light like a Streamlight TLR-1 is a solid option. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love the capability but hate the added bulk. For a dedicated home defense or open carry/ tactical gun a light is an easy decision. For a gun that is going to regularly pull concealed carry duty it is a harder call. I like the idea but the Glock 19 with a light kept getting left at home in favor of the J frame. A more concealment oriented slimmer holster would help but that's still carry under a sweatshirt or something, not AIWB which is my preference for concealed carry. I do not think anybody makes an AIWB rig for a gun with a light and if they did I'm not sure it would be tolerable to carry. Definitely better to carry a Glock without a light than to think I carry a Glock with a light but actually pack the snubby 9/10 times. I think running a concealed carry Glock and a home/ tactical one is probably MY way forward.

That's what I have done to Glocks. Things I can see doing

A modern red dot like a Trijicon RMR or the new Leupold offering seems like a really cool way to go. I'm going to wait for some more R and D to happen and prices to slip down a little bit over a few years before seriously considering taking the plunge. Obviously higher suppressor sights would need to go with this setup.

A threaded barrel to go with a suppressor would be cool at some point.

Stippling has potential to help with grip, etc. I would want to see and handle a gun done by a shop before giving them my gun. Too many yahoos with a dremel and a soldering iron think they are gunsmiths these days to trust just anybody offering the service.

Beyond that I cannot think of anything currently available that I want to put on a fighting handgun.

What have you done to Glocks (or I guess other pistols)?


GregT said...

The 3.5# mod is a great one. Past that, I do extended slide release, and extended mag release. I'll have to try the heavier SS guide rod...seems like a good idea. As to stippling, why not do it yourself? It's not hard to do, and it's easy to get a good result with a bit of practice. Get some scrap, a pen style soldering iron, and go to town. I practiced initially on a sheet of ABS, worked fine.

Ryan said...

I've never had an issue hitting either stock release so I have not done those.

Why not? A mistake with a soldering iron would ruin the gun. Also I do not how how deep to go, etc. A man has got to know his limitations.

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Ryan -

Armadillo Concealment makes CCW rigs for Glocks with lights; would potentially work for AIWB.

I can walk around all day with a Glock AIWB. The problem comes if I have to sit down or bend over with the thing AIWB. Doesn't really work so well.

The shorter barrel and curved backstrap of a J-frame make it much more comfortable AIWB, and it is about as concealed as one can hope to get.

A big gun like a Glock works better for me carried strong side, at about 3:30. I pretty much Retain full mobility, but doesn't conceal as well.

Sam said...

I got my Glock 19 mid December last year, just before things went nuts in gun world. I shot 100 rounds through it and decided to ask a pro (similar the guy in the video), and he advised me to wait till I have 5-600 rounds through it before making any changes. I am at 400 rounds now and my trigger is much better, but I am still interested in the 3.5# trigger. I'm pleased to read it is a significant improvement for you, I'll probably get one after another couple of hundred more rounds.

The day I got my G19 I ordered 6 more mags from CDNN Sports. Five weeks later I got my order, minus the Glock mags. Dang! By then there wasn't a Glock mag available in the free world. Just then I got an email from Sportsman Guide saying they had Korean G17 mags, $36 for a three pack. I order 6 of those mags because frankly, I was pretty nervous about my mag reserve. They look very much like the Glock mags, but they are different in three significant ways: the springs are crap, the followers hang up on the mag body, and there is a bit of cleaning up the plastic shards needed to be done with a razor knife (very easy to do). I ordered +10% mag springs from Wolf Gun Springs (plus spare springs for the rest of the gun) and they arrived 2 days ago.

The Wolf springs are great, but I still had that tiny hangup with the follower. I finally figured it out and whittled a tiny amount off the bottom front of the Korean follower (their angle was wrong, not steep enough). Now those Korean mags work perfectly, but I am ordering some factory Glock followers anyway.

Nowadays factory G17 mags are $50 if you can find them (Sportsman Guide has some). My total cost for the Korean mags with Wolf springs and new Glock followers is $22 each, and you can get them now. Its something to think about.

I carry my G19 full time with two extra mags in a Raven holster and 2 mag carrier. They are extremely comfortable and keep things close to my body. I don't think I want to add a light to my gun for my purposes, but at night on our little farm, I do go out with a Maglite. I suppose if Mr. Cougar shows up again and I am without my rifle I may change my mind.

Ryan said...

Alexander Wolfe, THANKS! I'm probably going to pull the trigger on one later today once I am fully caffeinated and awake.

I don't mind the G19 AIWB too much. Sitting is fine and I've gotten used to squating instead of bending over.

For OC I carry a Glock at 3 but for concealment I stick to 1230-1ish. The J is much more comfortable but it is a lot less gun.

Ryan said...

Sam, Did the guy say if the round count was for you to get familiar with the gun or for it to sort of smooth itself out.

If it's for you to get familiar I have a lot of rounds downrange with Glocks and the difference is night and day. It's awesome!

You bought at a good time to get one (the price went up for a bit however it seems to be slipping back down) but a really bad time for mags.

As to mags. I only use Glock factory mags but unfortunately these days they are unobtanium at less than $50ish a piece. Tried some of the Schurer(sp) happy sticks back in the day and they sucked. However thankfully I went long on Glock mags back when they were available.

Have heard fairly decent things about the Korean mags. Glad you figured out a way to make them work. Raven concealment has a solid reputation but AIWB in their rig would be a no go.

A light would be perfect for Mr. Cougar.

Wish I could help with the mags. If I see any at sane prices I'll snap them up and drop you a note.

Anonymous said...

Stock Glocks rock, that's all I can say. Only mods for me are night sights.

Sam said...

Hey Ryan, the man suggested it was to break it in AND for me to get used to it. At 400 rnds it is way smoother than the first few mags. On the other hand I find my trigger finger gets a bit sore from rubbing on the top of the trigger guard by the grip. I suppose I'm doing something wrong, but I do like my way smaller groups with the G19. I think the 3.5# trigger might be just what I need.

Thanks for the thought on Glock mags! Bur neither of us are going to hold our breath for quite awhile :).

Would you like me to take some pictures of the Korean mag mods and write it up for you? At least we can get them, and now modified they work very smoothly.

Aesop said...

The night sights and weaponlight mods make perfect sense,a nd I was already there.

But the info on the trigger and spring/guide mods is news I can use. I'll look into it as soon as things settle down.

Ryan said...

Sam, Sure. It's probably the only option at common man type prices so getting the info out there would be good.

Aesop, If you look around the parts are still fairly available. I got the stuff to do this not too long ago. The aftermarket support for Glocks is pretty deep.

Anonymous said...

+1 on the night sites. i carry a light, but don't mount it and often prefer it off.

one suggestion, i put a simple band of "super tape" around the base of the grip. the slightly larger diameter fits the bottom of my hand, gives me a tactile feedback on my grip, and is just lightly tacky enough to give me a solid base.

i added the tape on my 17, but left it off on my 19. i may add it to the 19, but want something that is identical in placement between the two if i do it.

Calvin Brock said...

I must say, I thought this was a pretty interesting read when it comes to this topic. Liked the material. . . . Glock Guide Rods

Jinmc said...

Great post and video, thanks a lot! Surely I'm going to use some of these modifications on my Glock. A tip from me to the ladies here: I had my glock painted partly pink! Now it's a great gun, but also stylish and more feminine.

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