Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inflation Coming and What Are You Doing About It

It has been more and more clear to me that we are in an inflationary situation. If you have been to the grocery store, gone clothes shopping or filled up the family auto you have probably seen it also. Maybe I am just really noticing it but it is here. Lots of hidden inflation in food products, smaller servings, etc but it is still apparent.

The scary thing is that our current slowly robbing you of purchasing power inflation can suddenly begin quickly robbing you of purchasing power. When the banking conglomerate market focuses on a country things can spiral out of control in a hurry. Not months but weeks if not days.

This week for whatever reason I am getting out of the problem admiration phase. Put up a close line earlier this week. Dug out the spare parts to fix Wifey's bike and will get it up and running probably tomorrow. Trying to find a deal on a bike for me.

Today I picked up some plants; herbs, yellow peppers and tomatoes. My brilliant plan is to grow them. I think the plants are going to be coming inside at night for a bit until the risk of frost is over, probably in 2-3 weeks but I have to do some more reading about it. Am going to get my stuff together, do some research, and try to grow a half dozen buckets (or pots as Wifey doesn't want our yard to look white trash fabulous) of different stuff. If I can make it work without a hassle it would be nice to do the heirloom thing and keep the seeds for next time.

With the exception of  getting the bike up and running and hopefully finding another one for cheap these are tiny steps. Growing some food would be nice, both to teach kiddo about taking care of things and have a fun activity to do with him and to save a few bucks. In fact I expect failure. I don't expect a whole ton to happen from these efforts. The reason I am doing it is to get the inevitable growing pains out of the way now when it doesn't matter. However the real point is to start building some skills. Skills we may need later. Skills that may be the difference between barely getting by on stored food and having some variety to go with it.

I also dug out FerFAL's book Surviving the Economic Collapse  and started going back through it. I briefly talked about his book years back but it turns out I never did a full review. Might have to fix that. In any case despite the relatively high cost of $25 I suggest buying and reading this book. If you are really cheap, read all his old forum posts, guest posts at Survival Blog and his blog it's probably OK to skip the book. That being said I did all that stuff, bought the book and was happy I did.

We are also putting money into food. Stuff like freeze dried emergency food and plain old canned staples like rice and beans. Depending on where your preps and finances are you might want to think about precious metals. If your financial situation is in decent shape (no credit card debt, some savings, etc), you have some gear and a few guns with ammo PM's are a good place to park a few bucks. In particular I think silver is a good buy right now with at $30ish.

I am not saying that you need to do what we are doing. Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses and working from them instead of blindly following me or anybody else makes sense. The point is that you should be doing something.

What have you been doing?


Sam said...

We are getting out of dollars, more tangibles. We are in pretty good shape, but I suspect that our cash is going to be worth a lot less soon

riverrider said...

we've been on your track for a year or more. will do more of the same. they just had "END OF THE ROAD:HOW THEY CRASHED THE DOLLAR" on doc channel last night. 12 econ experts, all saying the canned can't be kicked any further. that 100% of fiat currency has failed and theres nothing to stop it. you have to protect yourself by putting your cash into tangibles like you are. food, meds, ammo,trade items, silver and gold. i'm stacking superpails of staples every month. the bible makes allusion to seven years, must be something to that so my goal is 7 years of food etc.

Max said...

Isn't just wonderful that we can see what's happening and yet can't do a damn thing to stop it.
I'm probably going to hit Costco up this weekend for a hundred or so in staples, can't hurt.
I commented at the house this morning that I'm ready for spring, I'm ready to get the garden in and eat like a champ.

Elaine said...

Ive started these over the last two years: a garden, chickens & rabbits(for meat/eggs and fertilizer for the garden) planted a fruit orchard, blueberry and strawberry patches. It has and still is an ongoing learning experiment. I am on the lookout for people in my community to trade eggs/rabbits/veggies with now and when the balloon finally goes up. Its hard doing this stuff by yourself but so worth it.

Monsoon Matriarch said...

Planted more fruit trees, working on seedlings, added more beans. Started getting some staples (spaghetti sauce) at Dollar Tree.
Costco next week.

Also, found this for fresh produce: http://bountifulbaskets.org/

$16.50 for a big basket of fruit and vegies -- eat some, freeze some. Will get their 'extras' to can later this spring. Lets me spend less grocery money at the expensive grocery store.

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