Thursday, February 7, 2013

M-4/ AR-15 Optics and Civilian Legal IR Lasers

I am looking at the Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4x20. The Firearms Blog reviewed it awhile back and it seems like the ticket. If anybody has PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with this scope I would really appreciate their thoughts.

Also I have been looking at civilian legal IR lasers. I am familiar and comfortable with the lasers we use on the .mil side but the civilian offerings are something new to me. Have heard of the DBAL but they have multiple models and the same company makes a few other lasers. From reading the descriptions I can't tell the difference and the prices vary widely. Of course I would like to keep cost down but would rather take the hard right over the easy wrong. In any case if you have experience with multiple models or know a place that does a good comparison of readily available civilian legal lasers that would be a big help.

Thanks in advance,



Meister said...

I've had an opportunity to test the Dbal unit. It works fine for dead on 100 yards in fighting and sighting, but still doesn't hold a candle to the AnPeq2's of old. Any smoke, fog or precipitation will scatter the Dbal quickly and lessen the range to less than 100. I'm using 2+ NOGs. Maybe it's better with 24's. A buddy is getting a set so I'm going to try it out with them.

Ryan said...

Meister, Thanks for the input. I think the lower power (thanks to the FDA of all agencies, WTF) does affect lasers at range.

chadow10 said...

Before you buy, you need to hold the Burris and Leopold next to each other. I want you to see the difference between the 1 power and 1.5 power as a true tactical optical. you'll go the Burris all day long. It's Not that the Leopold isn't cheaper or a great product, it just turns out that there is a world of difference in keeping both eyes open for close-up work when you look through both in the same store.

Ryan said...

Chadow10, Interesting point. Nobody in town has either scope. Not sure if there is a place in Tuscon that would have them to look at side by side either.

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