Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Naval Special Warfare Center Survival Kit Request

The Naval Special Warfare Center cough Seal Team 6 cough is looking to buy a bunch of survival kits. Their requirement list is pretty specific and interesting. Check it out here. Might just have to make myself a little kit. Between this article and TEOTWAWKI Blogs pocket survival kit series I have a pretty good idea on the direction to go in.


TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Cool! Looks like a good kit list. I think they'll have trouble jamming it all into the 4x2 container, though.

I remember reading at one point about a cargo pocket E&E kit carried by the Bin Laden kill team that had stuff like gold coins, letters in arabic, etc. but I have not been able to find it since.

Ryan said...

I think the space/ size thing might be easier with a kit made from the floor up vs a bunch of off the shelf stuff. Specifically a container that kept a lot of the little stuff organized in a compact way.

Letters in Arabic/ Dari/ Farsi are pretty common even with non cool guys. Gold coins I have heard of in the past.

Aesop said...

Just looks like a pretty basic kit to me.

I don't think there's much on that list for Tier 1 JSOC ninjas that you can't find at the local Bass Pro Shop 24/7/365.

Next thing, we'll find out they put their pants on one leg at a time, and they aren't bulletproof, and there goes the neighborhood...

Oh, and trust TIME magazine to misidentify Navy hopetowannanbes in SEAL training as "Navy Seals in training", which are two entirely different things.

Ryan said...

Aesop, It is interesting to see what other people, particularly smart experienced ones, are doing.

Aesop said...

Absolutely true.

In this case, they seem to be doing exactly what us humble survivalist preppers are doing.

Which is just covering their bets.

And while I can imagine and brief back any twenty reasons and rationales (some of them actually sensible) why it's so, it still astonishes me that the military makes less effort at teaching troops in general, and soldiers and Marines particularly (not just SF/Rangers/Seals/Recon/aircrew) actual field survival skills than the Cub Scouts do.

This latest Seal kit isn't much more or less than the USMC two pouch cargo pocket kit you can find all over the 'net.

And while I got lots of disjointed tiny doses of training here and there, it seems stupid that unless you get sent to a purposed "survival" school, the amount of real hands on training in it might as well be a wallet card to slide in behind Use Of Force/ROEs.

It oughta be a solid 7-day weeklong block in everyone's basic, or shortly after.
I was a city kid who'd found a '50s-era (i.e. decent, and not PC-stoopid) Boy Scout Handbook For Boys, and had plenty of opportunities out in relative wilderness growing up to get comfy with a lot of stuff. Because in essentially peacetime Cold War deployments, I was deployed to forests, serious mountains, arctic snows, jungles, deserts, urban environments, and blue-water oceans from cold to sub-tropical regions. Helicopters crash, trucks break down, and boats founder with a troubling regularity in life, including mine, even in "peacetime", and it would have been more than a tad useful to have had someone like "Ranger Sgt. _______," or equivalent, download things to me and my colleagues, in a comprehensive and well-thought out manner.

It borders on criminal, since outside of the $40 of kit and a case of MREs or less per man for a weeklong course, the training budget for such instruction would be negligible, outside of mustering the institutional will to do it.

We spent more time teaching people to float in pools than to teaching staying warm in the middle of nowehere, and I spent a helluva lot more time in the middle of nowhere, cold, than I ever spent splashing around in pools.

Just sayin'.

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