Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quote of the Day: John Mosby on Defensive Priorities

"NVGs, or to use the older term with which I am far more comfortable, NODs, are a force multiplier of equal or greater value than two or three extra riflemen, when used properly. If you have six rifles of your own, but no NODs, you’re &@cking yourself and your team. Remedy the situation."
John Mosby in a repost of Tricks of the Trade a Contemporary Look

 I think John also said somewhere that if you do not have a years worth of food to put NODs and other cool guy kit on the back burner. This is something I personally did not do right for reasons that may or may not be valid. In any case I am working to remedy the situation.


Commander_Zero said...

If youre starting to work on the long-term food storage, I've been pleased with the Augason Farms products.

Chris said...

I want to get into NV but the price tag is steep: ~$2.5K+ for the PVS-14, ~$500-1000 for the IR laser, $250 for accessories, and $200+ for an illuminator. That's almost four grand. Plus, NV stuff has a shelf life and is fragile.

I'm going to get some gen 1 NV stuff for cheap (<$200 sunk) as the poor man's solution for now and get comms and power squared away. For a grand or so I can have a nice CB setup for all the vehicles, a base station, and some handhelds PLUS a deep battery setup or small generator.

Aesop said...

Expect $200 "Gen 1" nightvision to perform about as well as you'd expect a $100 AR, a $50 pistol, or an $8 case of MREs to work. Because it will.
(Purely my personal opinion, but selling anything labelled "Gen 1" should constitute prima facie proof of fraud, and get an award of suitable fines and jailtime for same to any seller of such. I base it on real-world experience with actual NV vs. "Gen 1", in no small part based on the fact that the IR illumination used/required by "GEN 1" items just to barely function, when opposed by people with actual functional passive NOD, will light you up like a searchlight in the inky black, and get you lit up like an enemy patrol in a kill zone come the day. Personally, I'd get a bright light and a remote trigger switch, or simply a handful of disposable lightsticks, and save the other $180 for something worthwhile, like your comms. YMMV.)

The extra zero at the end of the price of quality NV gear conveys unbelievable (until you see it)orders of magnitude in increased abilities, including reliability, overall quality, and functional utility.

But once again, John Mosby earns his place in the dictionary under the heading of "Don't sugarcoat things JM, tell us how you REALLY feel." I love his stuff, and the recent update of tricks of the trade is pure operational gold.

Ryan said...

Chris, It' true that John was just talking defensive stuff which avoids the survivalist rabbit hole of whether you are better off buying a years worth of food food, going to a wilderness medical class and setting up some serious first aid kits, getting a CB setup and a nice SW receiver, a generator or any number of other useful things. That is a really complicated question that I cannot answer for you but it depends on the big picture of your plans and preps. Anyway back out of that rabbit hole.

I don't entirely know your situation so take what applies and disregard what doesn't but what John said makes sense. To me the point is that dudes are gun collecting instead of getting the right tools to fight. Guys will complain about the cost of NV and say they can't afford it while an M1A, a Steyr Aug and a high end custom shop 1911 are gathering dust in the safe and not see that the right answer is to part with some stuff they never use and get the things they need.

I personally know a guy who probably has between 75 and 100k in guns (at pre panic prices) and that's not including mags, ammo or parts all of which he has a lot of too. This guy described body armor which runs $500 a pop as ruinously expensive. He also did not have any night vision. By selling a few guns guns he could get body armor for all 4 members of the family and 2 NODs with IR lasers to match. Obviously that is a pretty extreme situation but you get the point.


Ryan said...


The answer for your situation might not be to sell stuff. Unless you have a couple high end guns gathering dust the $3,500ish price of admittance to the fighting at night club could require selling a whole lot of guns. Probably not something most folks want to do.

However I would argue that a NOD/ DBAL combo should probably be very high on the defensive/ gun stuff/ red dawn list that matches their importance. It should not be after buying 3 more pistols, 2 more AR's and building a nice 'precision' rifle or whatever is on the household gun list.

If you can't afford it that is one thing but continuing gun collecting instead of getting prepared is IMO a high degree of foolishness.

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