Sunday, February 10, 2013

Readily Available Guns

An interesting video from the good folks at Moss Pawn and Gun on readily available guns in the current firearmagedon situation. My .02 are that Glock prices have gone up significantly. Used Gen III guns seem to be going for around 6 bills in Southern Arizona and they aren't being advertised long. Finding a 17 is easier than a 19 though. I think revolvers are worth thinking about if you cannot pay the current double stack semi auto (and especially Glock 9's for whatever reason) premiums as they have been essentially unaffected by this mess.

For whatever it is worth things seem to slowly be getting better as the freedom ban folks seem to be stalled out. Maybe it's just that the folks who wanted an AR/ AK and could pay loony tunes prices have already bought. AK's and AR's are available and slowly but surely prices might be trending slowly down. Unless you are desperate it might be wise to wait this out.

Anyway there is the video to give some advice to folks really trying to get set up today without paying stupid prices.


Commander_Zero said...

I'm giving you big points for, and stealing, "firearmageddon".

Ryan said...

Thanks, To give credit where it is due I stole it from NutnFancy

Aesop said...

I second Cmdr. Zero's assessment.
"Firearmageddon" is hereby stolen.

The other point about waiting out the craziness, is that the minute things settle down, prices come back to reality, and items are back in the supply chain, if you noticed a certain breezy feeling in your hindquarters, take the money you save now to begin acquiring those things you lack, come that day.

Sure as spring follows winter, another slew of whacktards will crop up eventually, and we'll see this nonsense again, at least until senile cranks like DiFi have a well-deserved stroke, or the elected idjits okay opening fire on armed crazy people bent on homicide by anyone handy.

Anonymous said...

"...Glock prices have gone up significantly."

Interesting. For whatever reason, SE Virginia is well-stocked with Glocks, all ranging from the mid-5's to mid-6's. I'm not a Glock guy myself, but I'm surprosed how readily available they are.


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