Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tab Clearing

Very interesting info on long term food storage shelf life. May not agree with their religious beliefs but they take food storage seriously and are willing to help heathens like me.

Carteacho reloaded some steel cased Wolf ammo and is going to shoot it then discuss. This could be interesting.

7 Gun Companies tell New York to pound sand. One of those companies is Midway which I recommend solely based on my personal experiences. Time to work on a few more. Hat tip to Mountain Guerrilla for the find.


Suburban Survivalist said...

My brothers and I have been buying wheat and rice from the LDS store for a while. Comes in #10 cans, good for 30 years, free shipping. Can't beat it if you're short on time to do the mylar bag thing.

Ryan said...

Suburban Survivalist, I do like their store and prices. However buckets of food just make my inner survivalist really happy.

Suburban Survivalist said...

Buckets, too. Have a deal in the works to get wheat from a farm family I know with similar survivalist leanings (though it is soft white wheat and won't last quite as long in storage). But the professionally packaged #10 cans are a good backup. I'd hate to open up a few five gallon buckets in 10 years to find something only fit for chicken feed. Since guns/ammo are so high right now, about 80% of prepping funds going to food.

TOW Gunner said...

Here's another list that has 9 companies in on the boycott. He's heard about Midway but won't put em on the list until they make a formal announcement

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