Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fix Your Weaknesses- I am Getting Trained

If I haven't mentioned it Wifey took the kids home to go to a wedding and visit. Since most of the cost is getting her there it made sense for her to stay for awhile. So that means I am a geo bachelor for a few weeks. All of the household responsibilities of a normal bachelor but no dating (well you're not supposed to anyway and I certainly am not).

In any case I am taking advantage of this time to try and do some things. One of those things is taking a pistol class. I pulled the trigger today and will be heading up to Tuscon to Warrior School in a couple weeks for their Defensive Pistol class. The place was recommended to me by a smart guy I trust. Would like to track down enough 9mm fmj at a sane price to avoid dipping into the stash for range ammo. That doesn't really matter though.

Getting better with a pistol is something I've been wanting to do for awhile. Honestly I'm about as far as I'll easily get by myself. Putting money into a class makes a lot more sense to me than slinging it downrange hoping to get better. Thankfully the money is not a primary concern but if I had to sell a gun to fund this it would still be a smart move.

Pistols are my primary concern first because I'm the least competent and able to train myself to be better with them and secondly because that's what one is by far most likely to get into a fight with. It's going to be a fight with my CCW gun in a parking lot, not the AR in our house or some field.

I am not telling you to do what I am doing. We all have different weak points and what is right for me is probably not right for you. The point I am trying to make is to systematically look at your strengths and weaknesses both of personal skills, systems and food storage then work to make them better.

Address your weak points while you the opportunity is still available.


Max said...

I've been looking into something similar, but most of it is travel intensive so I haven't signed up for anything yet.
Good for you, hopefully you will learn some new tricks.

Ryan said...

Max, Being available within a reasonable drive to make it a day trip was a significant consideration. I think John Mosby is doing something pretty soon in Colorado. You might want to check into it.

Thanks, I do also.

Anonymous said...

Good for you and the training. I'm always surprised by the guys that have a safe full of tools but won't drop the dime to improve their handling skills or tactics. When the fecal matter hits the oscillator, I suspect that for most it won't be on a 25 yard gun range.

I'd be interested in your take away after the class.

Stay safe,

Ryan said...

Grasshoppa, Hopefully it will be great. Worst case it opens the door to other classes.

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