Saturday, March 23, 2013

Garand Officially Sold, Tuscon Fun and Various Ramblings

Well the Garand sale was finalized. I do not miss it. The Garand is not an especially practical gun and too expensive to hold onto for collectible's sake or to regularly shoot as a plinker for fun. I am also glad those resources went to other things.

Slowly but surely I am swapping a big messy collection for a slightly less big collection that makes a lot more sense. Part of it is simplifying by eliminating calibers and such. The other part is that I am pretty much done compromising. Selling and trading close enough guns for just right guns if you get what I mean.

Now that the Garand is gone I am halfway toying with getting rid of my other '06. I've been wanting to migrate to .308 anyway so this might be a good excuse. We will see what happens there down the road. 

Spent a fair bit of time driving around Tuscon today from errand to errand. Half of the city looks like a ghetto war zone though in fairness the other half is pretty nice. Diamondback Police Supply was big fun. Plenty of AR's, AK's, etc and some pistols but not much ammo. No .22lr, 9mm or .223 to be had today. Looked at some holsters and such. Ammo aside it is a very well stocked store that is fun to go through.

Wifey and I genuinely like it down here. If there were not the minor issues of undocumented citizens illegal alien criminals and drug cartels with their associated local gangs we would probably settle down here. There is sort of a weird hippy redneck fusion thing going on that suits us really well.

I'm bored of writing now so it is time to wrap this post up.Hope you are all having a good weekend.

 Take care of each other,


chadow10 said...

I consolidated two rifles this week. I got rid of one of our 10/22's and a Stevens 200 in 308. In it's place is now a new Ruger American in 308 topped with a nice Burris Scope. Though, to be honest, I picked up a Rem 770 first. I got it home and the action was so sloppy that I couldn't even cycle the bolt reliably. I immediately took it back to the shop and they graciously only lightly broke it off in me so I could go with the Ruger.
He said,"If you take a virgin to a hotel room, you may not do anything- but it's hard to still call her a virgin."

riverrider said...

30-06 is the only rifle round still on the shelf here. just saying.

Brass said...

Hm. The ammo rush seems to have left .30-40 Krag remarkably untouched. Eeeexcellent.

Monsoon Matriarch said...

There are some towns near SIlver CIty, NM that have a similar vibe but fewer 'travelers.' The bad part is that NM gun laws aren't as constitutional as AZ's. Glad you're liking the area.

Ryan said...

Riverrider, Sorta floated the idea but I don't think the '06 is going anywhere.

Monsoon Matriarch, Interesting. I'll check into that. Do like the gun laws here.

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