Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gardening Fun

Well I haven't killed our plants yet. They are now inside/ outside plants only coming in when it is going to get cold. This wouldn't work with 40 plants but for the few we have it's easy enough. Probably care too much about them and have taken to calling them my dirt babies. I find the whole thing pretty calming.

Also I am trying to get some taters going. We had a few that MIL must have got while she was here that were forgotten and started sprouting. I figured why not and tossed them into some containers with dirt. Hopefully they get going.

Today I stuck some green onions into a glass of water to hopefully sprout. The reason for this is that we never need a whole package of green onions, just a little bit. This way I can cut off just what we need for a meal. Plan to do the same thing with some cilantro.

Might just get some sprouts going also. I like them in sandwiches and salads. 

I think this is about as far as the garden is going this year. Next year hopefully we are in a place where I can go a bit further.

Are you getting into gardening this season? Maybe expanding your existing garden.


Aesop said...

Got a little front walk dirtpatch that's about 4'x8' and watered by the facility sprinklers, which should be just enough for a salad garden. It's been nothing but a weed patch to date.

I had, past-tense, a beautiful stretch of RR right-of-way that I was going to try starting potatoes and pumpkins in, but the local knuckleheads kept abandoning cars in it, so last winter the RR cleaned it out and fenced it off. Obviously it's theirs to do whatever, but what a waste of unused space. I even had a bucket of wildflower seeds to spread around to brighten things up for the daily commuter trains. Instead it'll just go to weeds too.

Can't wait to get a small spread that's all mine.

Abby Hall said...

Have you heard of keyhole gardening? I think they're pretty easy for beginners, & they're supposed to be super efficient, nearly drought proofed. I've been looking into them, & if you're into self sufficiency, they're about the best thing I've seen: in one keyhole garden approximately 70 tomato plants can flourish, & they're a great way to quick compost table scraps, paper, cardboard, etc. Just spreading the word :)

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