Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kershaw Blur and Thanks

Grasshoppa was kind enough to send me a Kershaw Blur to check out. It has a tanto blade with partial serration which is pretty much my ideal fighting/ destroying things configuration in a folding type blade. It is working into my EDC for testing and evaluation. It seems like a very well made knife at a super competitive price. You will see an initial impressions post shortly and a review in due time. I need to go find some stuff to cut.

Thanks again Grasshoppa!


Carteach said...

I have carried one for a year now, although I Tanto-ized it myself.

Like it muchly, and not so expensive that I can't own a few spares, nor need to cry if it becomes lost.

Anonymous said...

Kershaws offer a great value for the price paid. I just bought a used Scallion assisted opening knife at a pawn shop for $8 - love it! Very easy to pocket (took off the belt clip).

Kershaw resorted a few years ago to construct many of their knives in China. I was disappointed with the decision, but at least they stamp their knives with that fact, rather than gloss over with that 'built in USA with foreign parts' crap.

I have one of those China knives, a Skyline and the only complaint I have with it is open back allows junk to get caught in the gap. Carrying change might stop your knife from opening.

I'll bet you aren't disappointed with it.

Fireguy said...

I've been carrying a Blur every day for over 3 years now. Great knife, same as your except for the point. Just blow it out every once in a while to keep the pocket lint out of it and it opes fast every time. Mine is marked made in USA. You'll like it just fine.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're liking it so far and looking forward to your review!

Great blog!


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