Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project 870: I Can Haz Sling

I was watching a Youtube video this morning and had a blind flash of the obvious, a single point sling. Duh! Generally I am a fan of 2 point adjustable slings or baring that 2 point slings. However in this case the 1 point has some benefits. Specifically that for many guns, including shotguns, they require no attachment hardware. The other benefit is that I already have one, somewhere. Started looking for it and ended up finding the stuff to make one from my old ghetto rigged 2 point sling. So I decided there was no need to tear apart the house to find the ready made one. A 1 point sling is really just a loop of nylon webbing, a buckle and something to attach it to the stock. In about 5 minutes I had it set up and Project 870 has a sling.    
 The key to 1 point slings is that the loop which goes around your neck and across your chest under the arm has to be pretty tight. When you get go of the gun the attachment point will drop to the lowest place on that loop. If that loop is big and floppy your gun is going to be in the dirt. Mine is as tight as it can be and still slip on easy.
 As you can see I took an 8 inch piece of gutless 550 cord, looped it through the buckle and tied it together with a double overhand knot. That cord is just looped under itself around the gun's grip. Simple but pretty effective. Also you really cannot beat the price.
The sling had a loop on one end. I hooked the other end through that and held it in place with a generic metal sling thingie. Left about a foot of extra just in case. Better to have extra adjustment and not need it than need it and not have it.

One point slings aren't my favorite for patrol rifles because they are less comfortable for long term carry and when hands free or loosely holding the grip with 1 hand the gun swings around a lot. However for a shotgun that's going to be in my hands for very short periods of time those issues are minimal. Also the price of free is hard to beat.


Anonymous said...

I know you've thought of this, but for a similar situations of holding long arms (stocked rifles / shotguns), a loop of that same paracord around your belt can support the gun comfortably when standing in place. Just place toe of shotgun stock butt into loop and hold vertically.

Does not replace your single point, just supplementing it - I hope this helps someone.

Ryan said...

Are you talking like a loop of cord to rest the butt on/ in? I would probably just John Wayne it and rest it on my hip.

Anonymous said...

You can do that, but eventually (coupla hours), it gets pretty heavy and you lean it against a nearby object. Then when you need it NOW, its just out of reach.

Learned this the hard way years ago when dove hunting, everything is all relaxed then a bird appears hauling *** across the horizon and the extra motion retrieve it causes bird to flare away.

Nope, I'll keep the loop, thank you very much.

Ryan said...

10:37, I see what you are talking about. Not a bad idea for it's role.

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