Monday, March 4, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

A few things happened here. Recently I have put some time and energy into stocking a few extra household items. Stuff like laundry soap, light bulbs, etc. Also picked up a few OTC meds and a half gallon of 'emergency whiskey'. While obviously not a good choice for some emergencies but for plenty of more likely ones 2 drinks at the end of a long day would be nice. It isn't a bad idea to stash some of whatever you like.

Didn't really do a long run but overall last weeks fitness efforts went decent. 

Ended up selling off the crimson trace laser grips that came with my new revolver. They are cumbersome for concealed carry being fairly large for a small gun like a J frame. They are just subtly too big to really let the gun do what I want. Also I shoot it better using the sights anyway. It's true they may be useful someday but that potential day is a long way off and during that time many new developments will likely come into play. Long before then I will probably be running red dots on my defensive pistols anyway. Also it dropped the price point for the little wheel gun which was nice. More importantly along with another sale freed up some cash for some things I will keep to myself at least for now.

Well that is what I did to prepare this week. What did you do?


Sam said...

After rereading your "Is Your Ammo Stored Properly?" I ordered a bunch of goodies online, including some desiccant for my ammo cans so I can resort my ammo in a more organized way. Got some Millennium Bars for our Get-Home-Bags and a pair of LifeStraws. Ordered the book "Beating ObamaCare", a new chain for the chainsaw, and a couple of hundred Tattler canning lids.

Finally decided on a scope for my old SKS (I now need one) and a Choate fixed scope mount for it too. Signed up for an advanced pistol course in two weeks, which will burn up 500 rounds of 9mm. That will hurt my stash a bit, but not too much.

Its not here yet, but I expect my 3.5# trigger bar for my G19 anytime. Thanks for the report on this!

Ryan said...

Sam, You are welcome. Looks like good stuff all around.

Chris said...

PT & Dry Fire FTW!

highdesertlivin said...

Dear old dad is bringing down 1500 rds of cci stingers from minnesota.I guess I will be able to shoot that new ruger single six, and 1022 I just got.I went to a local gun show sunday, and .22LR was selling for 80.00/a brick.Ouch.Take care.Oh and hobby lobby has flower dessicant in large bags. Same stuff in dessicant satchels. You just have to bag it up in something porous.

Rehoboam said...

Try out this laundry soap if you want to save 90%.

Ryan said...

Rehoboam, We make our own laundry detergent for general use. Just stashed some of the pre made stuff for in case.

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