Friday, April 19, 2013

Range Report: Burris MTAC, Retesting Problems and Glock 19 Fun

Got out to the range today. It can get a little busy on the weekends and for the kind of stuff I have been doing (typically zeroing) doesn't work real well. However I got off work surprisingly early today and figured it would be an awesome time to go shooting. Since I had a little bit of range ammo lying around plus time to kill so why not?

On the way I stopped by the local shop for some targets and they had a single box of 9mm ball. Grabbed it and upgraded the Glock fun time. They also had some Tula .223 and I grabbed 3 boxes to replace what I planned to shoot today. That will be next time's range ammo. 

Got out there and the place was very quiet.  Not sure if it's an off day or whatever. The Rangemaster said he doesn't think anybody has ammo to go shooting. Probably has a point there. I can see that angle. Personally I went there very lightly loaded with just 60 rounds of .223 and 75 rounds of 9mm (would have been 25 except for the gun store find). My primary goal was to test fire 1 gun and confirm the zero on Project AR, just tossed some 9mm in for fun.

I'm just loving the Burris MTAC. Being able to run what amounts to a red dot (very close to probably 1.1ish)  for close stuff then zoom to 4x for longer shots is awesome. After some refinement the zero is solid. It's hitting well inside angle of mans chest at 400m. Strongly suspect the reason it's not angle of shoe box is the schmuck behind the gun.

Another gun had issues last time.  For background I swapped out a part on it some time back thinking I knew what I was doing. Turns out I didn't have a clue; the classic you don't know what you don't know scenario. Anyway I pretty easily figured out the problem at home and aside from a couple scratches on the inside of the gun it was no worse for wear. So I took it out to confirm the issue was figured out. Anyway I took it out today and everything was good. Gun runs like a champ. Learned a little lesson to make entirely sure I know what I'm doing before screwing around with a gun. All's well that ends well I guess.

That brings us to the Glock 19. Not sure why but I was in the groove today. Shot pretty well which was cool. The more I use those new sights the more I like them. Very fast onto target for quick shots yet capable of precision shots. Had this feeling that taking Tam's advice would not lead me astray.

In conclusion shooting is fun and the Burris MTAC rocks. 


Shane W said...

Do you have much experience with Tula ammo? I've never shot any but I bought a box the other day for my M1 carbine. The guy at the shop told me he wouldn't recommend the .223 or 9mm to anyone but said a buddy of his has had good luck with the .30 carbine. I'm hoping to get out this weekend and see how it runs through mine.

Ryan said...

Shane, I've shot some of it in 7.62x39 but it's not really different than commie steel cased Wolf which is my AK staple.

Will talk about my experiences with the Tula .223 after I shoot it up.

Shane W said...

Cool. I look forward to hearing about it. I'm hoping it works good in my carbine. They had plenty in stock and at $13.00 a box compared to $32.00 I can play a whole lot more.

Anonymous said...

I've used Tula .223 in my AR for awhile. I don't have a super nice AR but a mid level. I probably wouldn't use it if I had a Colt, Daniel Defense, etc. just because I'd probably have more money to buy brass then anyway. But having said that, I did a test on my AR after I broke it in. I shot near 700 rounds of Tula W/o cleaning it. Never once had a jam of any kind! I wanted to see it's trustworthiness in a SHTF scenario. The only thing I've noticed is you're going to lose some accuracy with it. Not quite as tight groups as say Federal or American Eagle, or anything else of slightly higher quality. So I do use that Tula as range ammo and it's worked completely fine for me, seeing as though I've got a spot I could get them for 4.97 a box! I DEFINITELY clean my rifle after EVERY TIME I shoot that stuff now though. Don't want it to jack anything up overtime. Other that than, at this point I think I've shot well over 1500 rds and never had a problem. For practice and price and being someone that doesn't have a lot of extra cash to thrown around it's a no brainer.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

One more thing I will add as well. I store it primarily for range use. I DO NOT use it for self defense loads in it. So although I've never had a problem with it, I still don't trust Russian steel case completely (I suppose it's safe to say I don't trust a lot of Russian stuff period)!

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