Monday, May 6, 2013

Jack Asks Glock 26 or 19?

My recent discussion of the J frame received a comment on our general discussion of the Glock 26 I wanted to reply to here.

@ Grasshoppa and Ryan,
I'm currently looking at an in between from an LCP, my little pocket rocket and my FN 40. I've decided at this point, I want to go 9mm for capacity and more power than a .380. Right now I've thought of the G19 but have recently been playing with the idea of a G26. Either way I carry one back up mag so the difference from 25 to 30 rounds isn't a biggie. If it works out, and the wifey likes it, which I'm almost sure she will since she loves my dads SR9c, I'd get her one down the road. Anyway what are your thoughts from your G26 and 19, respectively? Personal preferences, wish you woulda gone the other way first? I'll probably get both down the road but that could easily be years. Also, taking my current set up in mind, I've got a pocket rocket and a full size what would you suggest? Thanks for your time and help!!! Much appreciated!


 Jack, If you had said "I'm looking to get my first handgun. It's narrowed down to a Glock 26 or a Glock 19, which should I get?" or "I can only take 1 pistol on our upcoming road/ boat/ whatever trip; should it be the Glock 26 or Glock 19?" the answer would be simple. Glock 19 every day of the week plus twice on Sunday. However your question is a bit more complicated. First you already have a full sized pistol and a tiny gun. Second we get into concept of use.

I love the Glock 19. It is a great compromise of shootability, concealment and round count in a sufficiently potent cartridge for 2 legged predators. On the other hand like any compromise there are some sacrifices at the extreme ends.

When I was a kid in Scouts and such we camped a lot at least 1-2x a month year round. Money was relatively tight for most of us. We couldn't afford to have sets of summer, spring/fall and winter tents/ sleeping bags/ etc. That meant we had to make choices. Gear that was ready for January in the mountains out of the box was a real drag the rest of the time. On the other hand super light summer stuff wouldn't work for half of the year. The answer was to split the middle and get what I would call 3 season gear. In the summer it is easy enough to sleep with a bag open. In the winter you slap a tarp over the tent then add a fleece or wool (depending on the situation) blanket with the sleeping bag and you were good to go. Wasn't perfect but it worked pretty well.

To answer your question we have to get into concept of use. For a gun that will do house duty, concealed carry and potential SHTF type duty I would go with the Glock 19. After selling off a couple other pistols it has became my do everything handgun. For this concept of use I prefer the Glock 19. On the other hand if I wanted the commonality and reliability of a Glock 9mm in a package that was comfortable to carry to the store for popsycles on the hottest August day and already had a larger handgun for other purposes the Glock 26 would probably be the way to go. So my answer would be no I would not do it the other way around. Granted if I had it to do over again, knowing I would later want a Glock 26 when  they are unobtanium at sane prices, might have done some things different so it would be in the safe now but not instead of a G19. In any case there is usually another gun you really wish you could've bought.

[Along those lines I've came to terms with the fact that I'm not getting a G26 any time soon. When they are showing up prices are well above $600 with $650 being pretty common. Simply not willing to pay that silly of a price for something I do not NEED. Availability will come back sooner or later then I will purchase a gently used Glock 26 for a reasonable price. Kinda lame but oh well.]

For your situation. It seems to me like you are looking for a larger more potent gun that YOU WILL CARRY on those hot summer days to the corner store. I fear for that concept of use a Glock 19 will lose out to your LCP almost every time which misses the point of buying it. There is a distinct possibility it will sit by the FN in the safe. On the other hand a Glock 26 will probably make it out the door a good percentage of the time.

So those are my thoughts on that. As always input is appreciated.


Aesop said...

I've got a G26, don't want a 19, but that's because it would be redundant alongside a mess of other handguns already in the safe.

If it was a simple either/or for a first gun, the 19 would be a fine choice.

Ryan said...

Aesop, That definitely makes sense. I sort of went the other way. Ended up liking the G19 so much other pistols started getting sold.

Anonymous said...

I've gone down a very similar road, Jack. A Colt Mustang .380 used to be carried in my front pocket but after reading some ballistic reports, I wanted something more. I started off by wearing the G19, and it the world was coming to an end and I could only have one pistol, this would be the Glock I'd recommend. Unfortunately, my body dynamics just couldn't conceal it as much as I wanted, so I often found myself without it. This resulted in me trying the G26 and for me it works. My G26 looks rough - the slide has had to be refinished and it's polished in places where I wish it wasn't, but all this means is that it used. A lot. Daily. But that's a good thing, no?

If you can carry a G19 and will carry it, then a G19 it should be. Within 20 yards and with practice, I think the 19 and 26 accuracy is comparable. For shots over 25 yards, the big gun wins in my experience. For daily carry in an urban setting, I'm not sure how I
Portant this is, though, but still worth considering.

In closing, you mentioned your wife might be shooting it, too. My Wife actually prefers the 26 over the 19 and enjoys shooting it with Corbon +P ammo, too. (she thinks it's cool that fire comes out of the barrel. Go figure. ). Anyway, I hope this has helped some.

Stay safe,

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the help! This was exactly what I was looking for! I've got an old rifle I'm going to clean up and try and get some cash for, then go try a 26. Eventually I'm sure if I liked it enough I'd either buy another for the wife's cc or I'd get a 19 as well, but I think for the time being I'm looking to get a piece that's going to beat the LCP out of most situations for some extra firepower. LCP's a great gun but, it's a specific niche, and most of the time I don't need that small, but a 26 may just fit the bill. They've come down in my AO to about 550-575. I'm guessing before all this, they ran 475-500? Or is that wishful thinking? Thanks all for the help! Between this and Teotwawki Blog, found a lot of great help on everything so I appreciate it all!


Ryan said...

Grashoppa, Thanks for the input. It means a lot more since you own both.

Jack, That's not bad. Your old price guess is about right for my AO. Here lately though people have decided Glocks are $600-650 guns so I'll likely be waiting awhile.

Glad to help.


TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Here's an outside the box idea:

Buy the Glock 19, see if you like carrying it. If the grip is too big, chop the grip down to Glock 26 size.

The grip is typically the hard part to conceal, the barrel length doesn't really matter on an IWB holster, so a 19 chopped down to 26 size grip would conceal just about as well as a true you get the longer barrel, sight radius, light rail, etc. Width between the 19 and 26 is the same, so it's a wash there.

Since you DON'T already own a Glock, I'd look at the S&W 9C and the S&W Shield too. The Shield is on my short list.

Ryan said...

Alexander Wolfe, That is definitely out of the box. A 19/26 is an interesting idea, haven't heard of anybody doing it. Length only really comes into play if you carry appendix. Would like to get my hands on one to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Alexander - Very good thinking I was just looking at those online. It's funny some guys are totally against it and others see it as a great idea, very two sided! Anyways, I'm curious the benefit to it. I don't think theres much pocket option with a 26 anyways, unless cargo pockets on pants/shorts and I think you could still have that anyways. So maybe that's the ticket. Buy a 19 and carry it for a bit knowing I can always chop a bit off and basically make it a 26! Not a bad idea the more I think of it!
Also, I'm gunning for the most universal and I figure a Glock 9mm is the ticket. I like S&W's but I've seen a few things wrong with them but I do think they are a great gun!

Grasshoppa - Curious what your take would be on choppin a 19 grip!

Thanks for all the help from everyone!


Anonymous said...

Regarding the chopped Glock, Ive heard of it being done but that's the extent of my knowledge. I seem to remember Colt selling a 1911 with an Officers size frame underneath a Commander slide, so the concept is not new. Sounds like there would be an opportunity for a company to make a Glock 26 size grip frame that a G19 slide could sit on, and maybe there is one. The whole concept of "Glock Perfection" has kind of changed, hasnt it? :)

Stay safe,

AuricTech said...

Of course, your wife's liking her dad's SR9c points out a good non-Glock option. 10+1 with the compact magazine, plus a 17-round reload magazine, makes for a good compromise: reasonably concealable, with decent capacity. The biggest downside to the Ruger is the magazine disconnect safety. For me, that wasn't a show-stopper, though YMMV.

Anon1 said...

G26. I have put many, many rounds through one. It is very accurate, easy to shoot, and quite concealable. In addition to the 10 rd mags made for it, the 15 & 17 rd mags work perfectly well.

Anonymous said...

a lot of people have done this mental torture. my 26 is gone. 19 love for me(and I loved the 26!)

Anonymous said...

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