Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project 870 Paralysis

Alexander Wolfe and Tam's shotguns are coming along nicely. My project is stalled. A week ago I would have said it was pending funds. However upon reflection I just haven't been quite sure where exactly it was going.

At this point instead of turning my shotgun into what I want the idea of simply purchasing a slightly more purpose built gun has come up. For the cost of buying an extension plus what I could probably sell my gun for one with a factory extension could be purchased. Once I $25 in a couple doo dads plus pay for shipping everything this option would probably SAVE me a few bucks. Given the randomness of used gun availability this option may or may not pan out. I'll give it a couple weeks to see what happens.

For lights I'm going to go with the surefire forend. Probably the most expensive way to skin that cat but I think its the best.

Anyway that is the status of Project 870.


Chris said...

Everytime I think about building/buying a "tactical" shotgun I think to myself, "When would I grab this instead of an AR-15?"

I have yet to come up with a good answer.

The "tactical" pump gun with extended mag, side saddle, ghost ring sites, etc existed before "patrol rifles" were common in LEO usage. In a world where every cop had a slug gun in the trunk (if they had a long gun at all), yeah, it made sense to build up a pump gun with all those features, including some gear (ghost ring sites/slugs) and training to make hits out to a hundred yards or so.

It is now 2013 and a good semiauto patrol carbine is a better choice for almost all situations, especially for civilians who have no use for "less than lethal" ammo (bean bags, etc). The only time I see the ol' pump gun being a better choice is in very restrictive legal jurisdictions, if I need to go hunting with the same long gun, or if $$$ is the #1 factor.

Ryan said...

Chris, Valid points. It might just turn out that my shotgun gets swapped for something else on the list. Time will tell I guess.

highdesertlivin said...

Off topic , I went to my local gun store today.P mags 19.99 (lots).3 diferent types of 308 (picked up some pmc bronze), more 223 than you can shake a stick at,including hornady TAP 75 gr. All was reasonably priced.Dare I say normalcy on the horizon.I am expecting a glut of used ARs to hit the stores soon.Thats all I got.

Ryan said...

Highdesertlivin, That roughly mirrors my area though .223 supplies are still a bit thin and prices of common caliber ammo are a bit high still. Things do seem to be getting better.

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

@ Chris:

Agree with you. The pump shotgun wins in the cost, ammo availability and versatility departments, but in a firefight I'd much rather have my AR-15. A fighting rifle is usually a much better choice.

That said, doesn't mean we should not have a shotgun in the armory, for all those good qualities they have going for them. And, I'd argue that the pump 12 gauge is a common enough weapon system that it's really one of those "must be proficient in" kind of guns if you're going to consider yourself a well rounded shooter.

For me, they're definitely a second choice, but one that I'm glad I have available.

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