Thursday, May 23, 2013

Survival Solutions Ordering Fun

My Survival Solutions (AKA the Swack Shack People) order arrived today. A copy of Joe fox's book The Survivalist Family, some seam sealer and what I thought was the Swack Shack. I was amazed about how small it was folded up. Went to open it up to look at the whole thing. Turns out they sent me a poncho. Went back to my order form to make sure I ordered the right thing, which I did. Easy mistake I suppose, they are both folded up pieces of nylon in packages.

Will advise about how fixing the problem goes.

Edited at 1630 local time to include:
Sent them an email. Received a fast reply saying to toss it into the mail and they will reemburse the shipping costs then get the Swack Shack headed my way. Wasted half of lunch time in line at the post office but the poncho is headed back to Michigan.

1 comment:

Commander_Zero said...

Whats the story on this? This thing arrive yet?

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