Thursday, May 2, 2013

Syria, Anonymity in a Connected World and Life

Meant to write a good gear review today except all of a sudden it is 9 o'clock in the evening. I'm tired physically and emotionally. Been talking to lots of folks about lots of things. Maybe something will pan out but who knows. Talking to lots of folks for every deal that actually pans out is part of life I guess.

Been thinking about Syria. If there is a positive side for us getting involved I can't really see it. The talk about arming the rebels has increased. Honestly I am ambivalent about the whole thing. Don't know anybody who lives near there so whatever happens is fine.

The concept of anonymity has been on my mind lately. Stuff ranging from the easy Wally World throw away phone to getting a storage space, utilities or maybe even a short term place to stay without anybody being the wiser. I think it's important to be realistic. Things have changed a lot since the widespread use of computers and even more since 9/11. You can go ahead and toss all those 90's era Paladin Press Get Yer Fake ID in 4 Easy Steps books into the recycling bin. Beating a simple database search or official inquiry is probably a lot more realistic than evading the full force of a first world government, particularly if that government is the US.

Other than that not a whole lot is going on. About to end another work week which is nice. Looking forward to maybe tossing a few rounds downrange. The ammo situation seems to be getting better so I've been able to replace at least enough to shoot a box now here or there. Catching up on some sleep will be nice also.

Anyway that's what is going on here.


Anonymous said...

First, get TOR.

Then, get TAILS.

Then, get REDPHONE.

Then, tell all your friends. And get your own private code systems.

Anonymous said...

Another note:

Your cell phone (especially any smart phone, and now most dumb phones) are tracked via GPS. Disabling GPS on your phone won't stop it. Turning your phone off won't stop it. Neither will removing the battery. There is an internal battery and GPS mechanism inside the phone itself.

With cell towers, your location is able to be triangulated down to a matter of a few feet. Therefore, your best option for anonymity is a pager.

Low end pagers currently only connect to a single cell tower, which transforms your location tracking from a few feet to a few hundred miles in accuracy.

You can get a pre-paid phone, paid in cash (everything should be paid in cash) and keep it in an RFID blocking case.

You can remove it for emergencies, only.

All other communications should be done from a (preferably Linux-based) computer via a secure VOIP connection and proxy.

Since Skype is not anonymous (see alternate, secure VOIP such as Jitsi is recommended.

In regards to anonymous living accommodations, renting or staying with someone you can *trust*, and paying (as always) in cash, is an option.

Another option is to go the route of owning land / property via LLC, and not an LLC located in your state.

All of this is covered in detail in the books I recommended.

Anonymous said...

It seems my original comment didn't post. Here's a quick summary.

It's impossible to have 100% anonymity.

Use a good *proxy server*.

I highly recommend Jondonym.

Use an anonymous email. Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are all tracked.


"How to Be Invisible, Third Edition: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life" by J.J. Luna


"How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without a Trace" by Frank M. Ahearn

Those two are the anonymity/privacy Bibles.

Remember that you cannot hide forever from a level 4 or 5 private investigator with unlimited funding *OR* the government.

Anonymous said...

One final comment:

You can easily see how much of your anonymity is already compromised by doing a simple Google search of your various names, usernames, etc.

You can then go here:

And follow the instructions to *attempt* to remove that page from Google.

The following sources will help you in removing yourself from the *numerous* websites that store a ridiculous amount of your personal information. For example, knowing only someone's name, I can find their relatives, address, phone numbers, email addresses, social networks, and much, much more. All in less than an hour.

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