Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Schism of the Everyday Carry and the Get Home Bag

So like I said recently a new backpack last weekend at a garage sale. Wasn't actively in the market for one but at $20 it was an easy decision.

What I have been wanting to do is split my everyday carry and get home bags. That way I can keep some bare essentials in my everyday bag to let it have plenty of space for everyday stuff and stay light. There is also the benefit that my get home bag can be beefed up a little bit.

So what made the cut for my everyday carry bag? Well since you asked I will show you.
Metal water bottle. I would like to upgrade to a 1 quart wide mouth one at some point. The granola bars are for snacking or enough food to be reasonably comfortable for a day or so. The IFAK is in case I get caught in some sort of attack. The rest is pretty much a personal survival kit. The contents are my Rat 3, compass, lighter, fire starter. I chose a fixed blade because it gives me a few capabilities the EDC folder doesn't.

I am comfortable with this relatively light setup because a more robust setup is nearby. If I took public transit or rode in a car pool this setup would be a little bit light. So while it suits my needs it might not fit yours. 

Once I get it all sorted out the new and improved Get Home Bag will be discussed. What's in your EDC bag?


Chris said...

We've done something similar...

We put together a half dozen "Get Home Bags" with some cheap surplus backpacks and basic "third line" type gear and stashed them at work and in cars. We also have a gym bag with a change of disaster-appropriate clothes stashed at work and in cars, the idea being that you can change into clothes then grab the GHB.

The EDC stuff is more along the lines of what we discussed in the contest plus a water bottle, decent knife, cell phone charger, rain gear, etc. Everyday stuff that actually gets used frequently, not a third-line rucksack. It just isn't worth carrying an MRE and a woobie everywhere.

Commander_Zero said...

I live only a half mile from where I work. For me, my GHB is just some spare ammo, a bottle of water and a flashlight.

Brian N said...

But Zero,
What if there were jack-booted thugs between you and home and you had to take the long way or go to someone else's home. :)

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