Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 Guns

It's well past midnight but I'm still rocking gun porn Friday. The 5 gun topic came up and I feel like chiming in. To make things a bit interesting I will do our family (Wifey and I, kids aren't near age yet) setup then what a hypothetical bachelor setup would be.

Family. Sort of like we talked about before Glock 19, AR, .22, Wifey's .38 and a Remington 870 12 gauge. With that setup I/we can hunt pretty much anything in North America (.223 can kill deer sized game an 12 gauge slugs will kill anything albeit at limited ranges), and defend ourselves.

In a hypothetical batchelor scenario Wifey's .38 would be swapped out for a Glock 26. The rest of the setup G19, .22, Rem 870 and AR would stay the same.

That's my .02 on that.


Anonymous said...

K22, S&W
M1 Garand
870 Remington
.44 Mag., Model 29

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

CK here-
I am assuming if you only had 5 guns until the end of time what would they be or if you could only pick 5 guns to own? With that being said...

-G19 (for wife/buddy)
-AK47/308 platform
-any 22lr rifle (Ruger 10/22)
-Moss 500 (or any HQ pump)for winged game, SD, or hunting, the pump is too versatile to leave at home

There is something to be said for the semi-auto 308 filling in for the AK/AR role. At the expense of less ammo carried, the range of the weapons can be used out to 1000 meters and can take down big game. It is the old saying that the bigger round can do what the smaller round can do but not vice versa...

I love the reliability and ammo capacity of the AK, but the 308 platform seems to edge it out for now with the increased capabilities, but I remain torn.

Anonymous said...

You're still married? There's been a definite lack of mention of your wife, I assumed you had split.

Anonymous said...

That comment seems to come from someone whose music is slowing down.

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