Friday, June 28, 2013

Are Things Getting Better?

 One day this week I went out to get some 9mm ammo to shoot. Didn't find any at the first place but another customer mentioned there was some for $15 a box at another shop. While briefly chatting with the worker he mentioned they have PMAG's and Glock 17 mags in stock. I asked how much on the PMAGs just out of curiosity. He said "12.99 and you can buy two" to which I said "at that price why not." The standard Glock magazines were $28 and they had Glock factory happy sticks for $40. Didn't buy any Glock Mags because I do not NEED the normal ones and wasn't ready to buy the happy sticks.
At the next place they did have 9mm ammunition for the excellent price of $15.25 a box. So I will be able to go shooting next weekend which is good. Granted I have 9mm stashed but at this point aside from essential shooting (zeroing a scope, etc) am only putting downrange what I can replace.Went to the third local place just to round things out. They had CCI Mini Mag's at a reasonable price so I snagged the last box.

At any of those places I could have purchased an AR-15, some .223/5.56, plenty of various AR magazines, a Glock or M&P. So at least as of this week things seem a little bit better in my neck of the woods. Gun availability is almost normal though prices are a touch high still. Mags are slim but getting better and are regularly restocked. Ammo is still problematic, specifically .22lr, though either I had a lucky day or the ammo situation is improving if just from dismal to bad.

So how are things in your area? For guns? Mags? Ammo?


Roger said...

There seems to be more ammo on the shelves in Boise, 22lr being the most difficult to score. If you can find it at Wal-Mart, Sportsman's warehouse, or Cableas, they seem to have kept their pricing in check.

I was in a mom and pop store this week and they had cases of ammo but at sucker prices. I could have walked out of there with 22lr if I felt like paying $80 brick. No thanks, I'll wait until their prices come back down to a reasonable level before buying any from them.

Magazines are back on the shelves as well and not too bad a price.

Give it another 6 months and maybe we'll be able to get 22 at $20 a brick again.

riverrider said...

my normal sources are getting centerfire ammo, with not too bad of a markup. mags are everywhere and cheap as are ar15's. seems they over built by a few. 22lr is still the lone holdout. lucky i got about 15k in the hole. i just hope folks don't get all lazy again and fail to take advantage of this respite. it ain't gonna last. we haven't heard the last of frankenstein and her crew i garrantee.

Anonymous said...

If you are a member of a CMP affiliated club, this is pretty good stuff if not exactly bargain priced. Of course it is not high velocity stuff but still useful for many things. Still and all, better prices than the scum buying at WalMart and reselling at inflationary prices. $260/case of 5-K plus $24.95 shipping.

NLU 419ASVSE - Manufactured by Aguila- 5000 rounds per case. 40 grain, lead projectile,
1135 fps. at the muzzle - standard velocity. Brass cases of max resistance, manufactured for perfect feeding in any type .22LR rimfire weapon. Technically designed bullets which provide max accuracy & due to their lubrication do not foul the barrel. Clean combustion gunpowder and high velocities at low pressure. ELEY prime process providing reliable ignition.

The bad news is, 6 - 12 month delivery. If things calm down you could always cancel, but if things get crazy again or stay that way, might be glad you had it coming.


TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Great minds think alike - I've got a post in the pipeline on the same topic.

When this began, I told my friends it would take maybe 6 months for things to normalize. Looks like it we'll be a little bit longer than 6 months, but things are getting better, slowly. AR mags are back to pre-panic prices. Most components, too. Actual firearms are coming in line.

Ammo is the will eventually catch up, barring any craziness, but it's a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Lewiston ID here.

Everything but .22lr and .22wmr is sitting on the shelf for multiple days at prices just over pre-panic(5% to 20% more than I was paying last spring).

Daily box limits on .223 was raised from 2 to 5 at one shop. Still 2 on the other common calibers, but sounds like they expect to raise them soon as well as its sitting on the shelf longer as well. But the popular loads run out in 9mm and .40 before another shipment comes in.

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