Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review: The Survivalist Family by Joe Fox

Today I am going to be reviewing The Survivalist Family by Joe Fox. If you are not familiar with Pastor Joe Fox then check out his youtube channel which is full of great stuff. Anyway I picked this book up as an add on when ordering the Swack Shack.

The Good: Let's see, the book is chock full of great advice! I especially appreciate that while it has some lists they are well thought out, limited and for specific purposes. You will not see the same 30 pages of sloppy excell documents pasted into this book!

I also appreciated that Pastor Joe hit on budgeting and the financial side of affording survivalist stuff as well as making it work in a relationship where the spouse is less than entirely on board. These are two awesome topics that rarely get mentioned and even then it is usually a brief hand wave. Pastor Joe took the time to talk about the topics in a well thought out realistic manner. 

The book stayed on topic in a thought out way. The discussions of categories/ concept of use flowed into brief lists with occasional relevant and useful anecdotes along the way. It did not jump around or go into aimless rants on tangent topics like other books sometimes do.

Also obviously Pastor Joe really knows what he is talking about. Aside from his considerable and useful military experience Pastor Joe has been doing this for awhile and genuinely practices what he recommends. Very good stuff all around.

The Bad: At a bit under $20 the book is a little on the expensive side. To be fair to Pastor Joe and his book the per unit cost of publishing smaller runs of books is pretty high. Whatever the reason is the book is a touch spendy.

Ugly: Pastor Joe didn't write this book a decade ago and it didn't stumble into my life much earlier.

Overall Conclusion: The Survivalist Family was an excellent book. It gave me a lot of things to think about and implement in our pursuit of preparedness. I definitely think it would be an excellent book to give to a beginner starting out. I strongly recommend purchasing a copy

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