Monday, June 10, 2013

Crazy Days- Walther .380's, Benchmade Auto Knives, Shotgun Ammo and Trading

So I owned a Walther .380 for about a week. You might have guessed at that earlier. I had given up on finding the gun I was looking for and the classic small carry auto seemed like a good alternative. One came up and I snagged it. The .380 was a great gun. It was easy to carry and shot like a dream, certainly the most accurate gun of it's small thin size I have shot. Anyway the day after getting it a trade popped up out of nowhere for a slightly wider but otherwise similar sized gun that suited my logistical trail much better. The .380 was screwing up my logistics, had just became redundant and needed to go. Also I sort of spent money on it I probably shouldn't have (not like spending the rent, more like project AR money). Started floating it out there then ended up swapping the .380 off today.

In trade I got $200 cash, a Benchmade 5000 Auto Presidio with the black  partial serrated blade (like a used car with 500 miles it had a a few small scruffs/ scratches but otherwise like new), 100 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot, 100 12 gauge slugs, a Magpul CTR stock and 20 5.56 tracers. We also swapped my remaining .380 ammo for 35 rounds of 00B and 200 rounds of #7 shot.

The cash will let me pick up the rail I need to finally complete project AR. The knife is something I have wanted for a long time but have never been willing to pay for. Honestly I just haven't been able to justify it despite trying to do so and really wanting one. Nothing wrong with a Kershaw Blur or a Benchmade Griptillian. No real NEED to spend more on a knife than that which is why I didn't. Anyway a good deal popped up so I took it. Really it is what sealed the deal on this trade. As to shotgun ammo I was semi in the market for it, half because we can use more and half because it's the ammo that is currently available at prices that are reasonable for stocking up. The stock I didn't need, it might end up on my rifle but worst case a nice back up stock isn't a bad thing.

So anyway I spent a good chunk of the day figuring out the deal then after work went and made it happen. Between a cool new knife, a few bucks in my pocket and some more ammo I am pretty happy with the deal. Also the renewed simplicity of my logistical trail is nice.


fltactical said...

My wife and daughter were 380 fans but now use Glocks (G17 for the daughter and G19 for the wife). Took a few years, but we are all on 9mm. Now you inspired me to dump the 380 and their Bersa Thunder pistols. Where do you horse trade? Friends or do you advertise? Just interested. With a lot of 380 ammo and 2 firearms I would like to get some Glock parts for repairing our weapons. We have a significant 9mm cache so more ammo for that and our AR platform are not an immediate priority. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

For what you received, I think you made a fine deal. When both sides are happy, its a win-win.

I still think having SOME type of hide-out handgun is important though. At some point in time, we'll all have to walk around looking unarmed but being otherwise.

I have several .380s, the Kel-Tec P3AT the smallest. Little fire ball that, but does it ever disappear in a pocket.

fltactical, I would think a ftf transaction would make someone definitely happy, you shouldn't have much trouble finding someone you trust you can make a trade with.

Ryan said...

Flttactical, I cannot say what was right for me today is right for you. The deal I made worked out well for me. Honestly it does not mean I could never own a .380 again.

They do have a role, particularly as a gun people will actually carry around. Not many young women will carry a G17 around with any regularity so a little Bersa she will pack might be worth keeping.

Personally I can see myself with a Bersa and a Ruger LC380 or something down the road.

I advertised it on a local site.

@5:46, Thanks. I agree about the small concealable gun. Personally I have some other options in that area. May well end up with a little Ruger and a Bersa down the road.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:46 again - I especially see the ammunition as a good find (nothing against knives - I like them too), but do you know how much $$$ you saved in gasoline, and time looking for THAT much ammunition to come into your possession? You could drive around for hours and not even FIND that, let alone afford to buy it.

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