Friday, June 7, 2013

Excellent Linkeage

John Mosby continues the Combat Rifle Craft discussion

American Mercenary talks IED's

Chris reviews a Gen I night vision device

Teotwawki Blog's You Took Away Tomorrow series 

How to spot a concealed firearm. I see a lot of guns. If forced to unscientifically guess I see half to 2/3rds of the guns that are carried concealed in my immediate area. Bulges on the side of the waistline are an obvious one. Right or wrong I assume anybody wearing tactical garb (5.11 pants, Multicam hats with morale patches, etc all) is packing. Obviously folks wearing concealed carry/ photographer type vests who do not have a huge camera are packing. ANYBODY wearing a vest when it is 90 degrees outside is hiding a gun.

It isn't so much that these folks are doing anything wrong in terms of concealment. Just that folks know their own. Potheads can find potheads, gays can find gays, CCW folks can often spot their own. The guns I miss are 1) Particularly small and discretely carried. Hard to tell if somebody dressed normally has a little .22/.32/ .380 in their pocket or 2) The gun is on the side away from me or I just miss it thinking about other things or whatever.


Aesop said...

I find Chris' review useful, but his conclusions flawed.

Anyone who thinks Gen 1 NOD is "60% of Gen III at 10% of the price" needs to get a buddy, give that buddy a PVS-14, take the Gen 1 crap himself, and go play paintball 1-on-1 deathmatch in the woods on a dark moonless night with a paintgun apiece.

Enough said.

Ryan said...

Aesop, Like any 'grab a number out of thin air' type arbitrary quantification we could certainly debate the 'numbers'.

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