Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Contest Announcement!!!

The broad strokes are this. I want to share and discuss mistakes and outright failures we have made in gear, firearms, food storage and preparedness in general. There is a bit of a facebook effect where we hear about/ see all the super cool stuff others do without the work that goes into it or the inevitable failures of life. In such I think beginners get the worst of it ending up feeling down about their efforts.

My goal here is to share our mistakes and failures for two reasons. The first is that one person sharing a mistake may prevent others from doing the same thing. This is a valid reason in and of itself. The other reason is to make people, in particular beginners, feel a bit better when they inevitable make a mistake. I want them to know that very prepared people make mistakes, sometimes big ones, yet they are not in fact the end of the world.  Over the course of this contest I will share some of my personal failures.

So tell me about your failures. A simple email or word document will work. As to length I would like to see at least a couple full paragraphs. Pictures would be nice. If you are uncomfortable using your usual online name just make one up for me to use. Texas Pete 1911 could become Panhandle Colt or whatever.

The prizes will be as follows:
A) 1 year subscription to Selco's One Year In Hell and
B) A Solo Stove. First place gets to choose and second place gets whatever is left.

The Details:

The contest will run from today until midnight 16 June. Winners will be picked in mid June after you have seen all the entries. Details will follow as we get closer. We might vote or maybe I'll just pick.

Submissions will be made via email to theotherryan@yahoo.com.  I usual edit guest posts for OPSEC, spelling and grammar.

I reserve the right to change prizes, contest dates or whatever else for any reason. Also I reserve the right to disqualify a contestant or even a winner for any reason, can't see why I would do this but things happen.

So please ask any clarifying questions then get to writing. 

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