Monday, June 3, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I had a good unplanned power outage test. Fun stuff. Coming out of that I topped off our battery stash. That sort of reinvigorated my World Band Radio hobby.

Also Walmart had 12 gauge #6 shot so I grabbed 3x 25rd boxes of it. Recently re read One Second After. There was a brief discussion between a couple characters about ammunition availability awhile after the event (a couple months I think). What folks were running short on was .22lr and small game shotgun shells. The bigger stuff was generally being held onto for rather obvious reasons. Anyway that small game type ammo was being used the most made sense to me. For whatever reason that has sort of stuck in my head over time.

We are doing OK on .22lr. Sure when it's back to $17-20/500 I will buy another 10 bricks but the situation is not desperate situation. In terms of total guns out there to availability I think a significant minority of folks have 50-100 rounds of .22lr and the majority probably have under 1k. Purchasing at normal prices .22lr represents an almost perfect (aside from that it could be used to hurt somebody) trade stock. Allocating some for trade/ charity to friends and family is probably a good idea.

Now in terms of small game shotgun ammo I'm not doing so well. Would like to stash about 500 rds of #7/8 shot and 500 or #4-6 over time. Right now small game type shotgun ammo is pretty available at normal prices so I am working on it.

This article on Wants vs Needs via Modern Survival Online is worth reading and considering. We have all been guilty of getting stuff we WANT instead of stuff we NEED a time or two. I am no exception. Heck I should have read that article late last week.

Speaking of which there have been some interesting developments in our pistol battery. Sort of trying to do a thing or two so I'm going to wait till the dust settles before talking more. A person who pays attention to guns I have been looking for and recent questions I've asked could probably make some good guesses there. Interestingly my handgun buying/ trading in the last several months has been entirely focused on concealed carry sized pistols. Sure I would LIKE 5 Glock 17's put away just in case but getting the right pistol to carry around is probably more important. Anyway I've gotten way off track and this has turned into a sort of rambling discussion.

Coming up this week I am going to keep fiddling with the world band radio. Will do some more bug out food testing also. May talk about holsters as I stumbled into a batch of em. Who knows what else will happen.

What did you do to prepare this week?


Max said...

Our group went shooting and had a bbq.
We got the rest of the garden in and everything all cleaned up until winter.
The boredom of loading 35 pmags... well at least it was preparing.

Anonymous said...

Dove hunting is a big deal where I live. Many people have a shotgun with a few boxes of shells (buying a case at beginning of season and whittling it down). Self defense ammo - some, but likely less than 20 rounds, its just to be kept loaded between dove seasons and is rarely shot.

If things go down the tube, having ammunition for their guns would make for GOOD trading stock. Buckshot and slug loads, 5 round boxes used to be had for $3 regular price, less if you shopped around. Rimfire like you said above makes sense, but regional preferences all count as well.

Ryan said...

@10:45, I agree that shotguns are also a very common weapon in circulation. Many folks probably don't keep a lot of ammo around.

In my AO the prices of heavier shotgun loads (buck and slug's) seem to have gone up a bit in price and availability has decreased as part of this mess.

I agree the regional consideration is always there. Probably a lot more .44 mag's in Alaska than Oregon, etc all.

Anonymous said...

CK here.
I figured I would jump in as well. Preparations this past month have been focused on selling the one AR 15 I have and a 7mm hunting rifle to fund one 308 platform with a scope on it. This would eliminate a smaller caliber as the AK 47s would fill this role and eliminate a very large caliber that is potentially overkill.

An AR 10 has been tough to really nail down as far as cost vs. function but I am working on it. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Aesop said...

Cleaning out the extraneous stuff from the gun locker.
The garden is coming along nicely, and the fruit trees are getting heavy.
Spending a couple of weeks living on the stored food, and have identified a couple of menu holes, as well as discovering a couple of great workarounds for stuff I hadn't thought of simply by cleaning out the shelves.
Like for instance that a box of unsalted matzohs lasts quite awhile, and make quite a serviceable substitute for both tuna salad and PBJ sandwiches, months and months after bread items turn green and moldy.
They're like MRE crackers without the price.
Also that from an energy efficiency standpoint, microwaving a meal for a minute or two is a lot more viable long-term strategy (with a solar panel/storage battery set-up) than using fossil fuel-based plans is, except for people who live somewhere covered with endless forest. Granted, it's not EMP-friendly, but it doesn't risk setting the house on fire, or letting everyone in 10 miles know you're cooking food. Always trade-offs.
Looking forward to being able to go either way eventually.

Ryan said...

CK, My thoughts, for whatever they are worth, on the AR-10.

First of all we have to narrow down concept of use. Since you are selling an AR, have AK's and are scoping said .308 I'm guessing a long range DM type gun is the goal.

The AR-10 platform is something I would only really be comfortable getting into on the higher end. Lower end AR-10's seem to often have systemic issues. Also with your concept of use accuracy matters. Accuracy plus reliability in the AR-10 world means higher end. To me this means LMT, Bravo Company, Colt, La Rue, Knight, etc. Even the lower end of those guns is close to closer to 2k than $1,200 at normal prices. 3k is quite possible on the higher end.

Remember to look not just at the gun but at the total cost to equip it. Figure a scope that will let you use all that accuracy @ prolly $750 on up, mags @ 40+ and ammo at least a buck a round this setup will cost as much as a decent used car.

Not saying you shouldn't get it as I do not know your situation overall. They are awesome guns, I want one, just that is a lot of money. If the goals are not too far away a PTR-91 will do it cheaper. If you do not NEED a semi automatic rate of fire a Savage 110 can be had for $400-500. Anyway those are my thoughts on that.

Anonymous said...

From CK,
Yeah that is what I am hearing on the AR 10s. Found an Armalite for $1500. Also heard good things on the PTR.

Hoping an SWFA SS 10x42 and an Armalite AR 10 with a 20" barrel will be close enough for me.

But now I am thinking I may need to sell another gun or two to help fund it.

highdesertlivin said...

CK ,I concur w/ ryan.I went with the ptr as my 308 battle rifle.It is more durable ,and more reliable than a AR10.Mags can be got for 3.00 , this is patterned after the rifle that originated the helicopter drop test.On the down side (to some) its bear claw like extractor (no failure to extract here)and fluted chamber tend to be very hard on brass. So maybe not the best iff you plan on doing much reloading.

Ryan said...

CK, I don't think I would go with a 10 power fixed optic for practical use. There are plenty of 3-9, 4-12, etc optics out there which give you a lot more options.

Highdesertlivin, The PTR-91 is an excellent option, just depends on concept of use. If he said "battle rifle" I would have said PTR-91. However since he was talking about putting a high powered optic on it the goals might be further away.

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