Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Been eating my way through the garden which is good. Also got some nets put over the tomatoes so hopefully we can eat the second batch. Seam sealed the Swack Shack. Rotated half the gas cans and filled them back up. Will do the others next week.

My DBAL showed up which is cool. Will talk more about that later.

Meant to swap out some stuff in our bags for lighter items that are more suitable for summer down here. Didn't get to it so it'll happen next week.

Anyway that was my week. What did you do to prepare this week?


Anonymous said...

Picked up a G26 for a decent deal, nothing outstanding but a good deal in todays market. 650 for the gun, a year old meprolight night sights, 100 rds of PMC, 20 of hornady/speer HP's, 2 ten rd mags with finger xtn and a 17 rd mag with rd xtn on it which awesomely holds 20 with room to spare! Other than that, trying to buy some more ammo for it, had some luck but not much! other than that been PT-ing a lot, eating healthier, and getting ready for a move this week. Then I'm gone for a month and the rest of summer I wanted to upgrade some stuff such as MRE's to possibly that Nuvona if that stuff checks out, possibly some PM's, IFAK and possibly some VHF comm systems. We'll see how much upgrading I get done this summer on those!

Ryan said...

JackintheBox, That is a darn successful week!

highdesertlivin said...

Not much this week as ive been in a structural collapse class, in Utah for two weeks .However this is the first year ive used a raised bed w/steel hoops and white growing clothe .And I am impressed w/ how well everything is growing. A added benefit is thas watering is much more efficient as im using half the water I use normaly.Not to mention this is the first year ive grown brussel sprouts, and they are kicking ass.

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan,
Ya after the post you did for me a few weeks (Jack) back on 19 v 26, I decided to go with the 26 first just because I could almost always have that! That and there are no 19's in my AO under 650 with only 2 mags! I'm sure! haha so I was happy with how I did! That and PT-ing is free so everyone should be able to do that! haha Thanks for the blog!

Randy said...

I wrote two articles on prepping and made a couple blog posts...The articles pay for my preps.

fltactical said...

Got our new generator today, a Honda 2000i. We had a generator for 15 years that finally cost more to repair in parts than it was worth. Spent more than I wanted on the inverter generator but running at a gallon an hour and providing enough to run our refrigerator and a few other items here in sunny and hurricane Florida, it gives us the chance to daisy chain 2 of them together if ever needed. Thanks for the reminder to rotate our fuel!
Got our basic long term food finished. At least 6 months for the 2 of us not counting what we rotate through in the pantry. Now for a weekly trip to dollar store to get more pasta stored. I like the elbow pasta since it cooks quickly. Egg noodles are a fav but hard to store efficiently. Anyway, your posts are helpful to remember to never stop preparing. Summer BOB now needs refinement.

Ryan said...

Highdesertliviin, Very nice!

Jack, Glad it worked out well.

Fltactical, Honda generators are very nice. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Finally got the house in the country, next to a like minded individual we've known for years and with whom we have a high degree of trust. Now the move in part comes and the selling off of the old hacienda. Woof. Gotta get crackin' now boss.


Ryan said...

H, That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Nosir, paying CASH was the awesome part. Getting debt free and staying that way pays dividends.

Dave Ramsey should say a little more about living well being the best revenge.


Ryan said...

H, That is great! Good for you.

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