Sunday, June 2, 2013

World Band Radio Setup

Commander Zero asked so I will answer.  It is worth noting that I am a total newbie at this. Can only say what I have done and how it has worked.

My radio is a Grundig 350DL. They are pretty unambiguous and probably represent one of the better options within the basic radio line up. Not super fancy per se but not junk either. When I got mine the street price was around $100 though they can be found for less sometimes. There are certainly other viable radios but I went with this one. Anyway. I have talked about it a bit in the past. While not all things to all people I am pretty happy with it. 

Along with the radio I would strongly suggest purchasing a shortwave antenna and the newest copy of Passport to World Band you can find for a decent price.

Strictly speaking you do not need an external antenna. Last night I was listening to broadcasts out of Cuba, New Zealand and Lebanon with just the normal extendable antenna on the radio. However it really helps a lot and for $10 why not. Though I have not tried I think a wire can work just the same.

Once you get the antenna hooked up then get your ground set. You take a piece of wire and run it to the biggest metal thing that is convenient. My ground at our last house was the pipe to the heater.

Now if everything is hooked up right (it's really pretty easy) you are ready to use the radio.

You can either tune in to find something specific or just cruise the channels to see what is out there. If you want to listen to specific things out of specific places Passport to World Band is a good starting point. There is lots of stuff out there free online but a comprehensive list for $10ish is an easy decision to me. If you want to listen to something specific tune into the right channel at the right time and go to it.

The other option is to just spin the dial to see what is out there. I think this is a lot of fun. Not a very efficient use of time or energy but a good way to kill an hour or two. Listening to the Lebanese take on reconciliation after their civil war was pretty interesting yesterday.

I was a bit lazy and did not take any pictures to go along with this post. Please excuse me, I will be fiddling around with the Grundig.

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Ray Henderson said...

A good resource for shortwave listening noobs can be found at It's sort of a "reverse yellow pages" version of Passport/WRTH. Rather than looking up a station then tuning it in, you tune until you find something, then look here to see what it is. Adjustable for timezone and time as well as frequency.

Shortwave listening can also be a gateway drug to ham radio, but that's a hobby that's admittedly not for everyone. I love it, but I'm a hopeless nerd. YMMV.

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