Saturday, July 20, 2013

Breakfast for Lunch

Today I cooked up some canned meat and eggs for lunch. Cooked the meat until it was a bit crispy then tossed the eggs into the pan. Liberally applied ketchup then chowed down.

I love me some staple food's like wheat, rice, oats and beans but it is smart to have stuff closer to what most of us normally eat also. Canned and freeze dried stuff are great ways to meet that need.


RD in Seattle said...

Avid reader here. Re: long term staples, what is your take on textured vegetable protein? My understanding is it is a common humanitarian aid stock distributed via U.N. Not sure if that is a pro or con.

P.S. "The Crunch" entry is pretty good.

Ryan said...

RD, Honestly I do not have much of an opinion. Would lean towards canned or dehydrated/ freeze dried meats but cannot express any real reason for that. Thanks

John Mosby said...

If I may be so bold, RD, look into the estrogenic effects of soy products on men. There have been numerous studies that have conclusively shown that the consumption of Soy products increase estrogen production in men....While I could probably use a slight reduction in testosterone, according to some people, soy products, of which TVP is most decidedly one, are generally a bad idea for men.

Ryan said...

John, Looks like I have a reason to back up my opinion, nobody wants Moobs.

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