Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting Serious

Until I lose 10 more booze for this guy. I am eating well during the week and blowing it on the weekends cough and an occasional Wednesday cough.

Until I purchase a quality kydex holster for the G19/TLR1 combo with a good mag pouch, 250 rounds of #4 shot, 250 rounds of buckshot, 500 rounds of 9mm, 500 rounds of 5.56, 1k in 7.62x39 and finish Project 870 I will not purchase or start saving for another firearm. (The exception to this would be if I find a good deal on a single shot 12 gauge. They don't cost much and I have been looking for one for awhile.)

Time to get serious.


Archer Garrett said...

Thursday is my weekday weakness, it seems. I'm with you - At 179 this morning. Goal is to hover around 170, which is what I consider my fightin weight.

Anonymous said...

"until I lose 10 pounds... No more booze for this guy". Whoa, whoa, whooooooaaaaaa. Don't go gettin all radical on us, now. Go vegetarian for a few days and run because Saturday night is right around the corner. :).

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

HDlivin As I am on vacation , I purchased a six pack of Bass pale. This went in to the cooler, for the five days I would be spending at my Bol some where in Montana. Five days later theres still two left ,and dad and little brother drank three.I just don't get after it like I used to.This was my first visit to the property, when there wasn't (bought last winter )several feet of snow.Saw more deer than I can shake a stick at,sign everywhere for elk ,moose,and bear.Half my 20 acres are covered w/ huckle berries.Its the dry season and the creak is running solid.I don't know about you ryan but Im about to say adios to the highdessert .Thanks for the read.

Prairie Patriot said...

Sounds like you have a good plan in place. I find myself having to do the same thing. As much as I want to buy the "fun stuff", I have to buckle down and force myself to make sure I am not neglecting the other areas of my preps.

Good call on the no booze. I know for me that I love beer. Unfortunately, it was the extra calories that needed to go to hit my fitness goals. The good news is that it does work. It makes a big difference in your efforts to lose weight.

Joshua said...

hey ryan,
I use a bladetech owb holster for my glock19 w/ trl-1.. affordable and very durable, it doesnt print as bad as i thought and it's actually encouraging me to carry it more often instead of opting for my traditional baby glock rig.

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