Monday, July 22, 2013

How Many Magazines Are Enough?

Modern Survival Online shared their thoughts on ammo and was nice enough to link to my recent post. They also mentioned magazines.Since I didn't address mags it seems to be worth touching on. I will share the numbers of magazines I consider sufficient as well as the thinking behind those numbers.

Core Defensive rifle-20
I stock AR-15 mags

Core Defensive pistol-10
I stock Glock 9mm magazines

Non core defensive rifle-14 magazines
Like mags for an AK that is just lying around

Non core defensive pistol-6 magazines

(These would be for a gun that is useful but not primary so you can get by with a few less.)

Various nonessential weapons- 4-6 magazines
Maybe for a baby Glock or some sort of .22. I am comfortable stocking these lower because they are either ancillary or for various oddball heirloom type guns.

These numbers are roughly 3 basic loads per weapon (strictly speaking that would be 21 rifle mags like these Troy Battle Mags and 9 pistol mags like Glock 17 mags but round numbers are nice). My thinking is as follows. Obviously the first set are to carry. The second set are to replace the first set if they are lost/ broken or wear out. The third set are for equipping friends, barter or trade. The allocations are not exact but that is sort of the thinking. It is worth saying these are minimums. Thirty to forty percent more is great, fifty percent more is even better and double is not totally crazy. Between Armageddon and such I wouldn't mind having a few spare mags cached here or there above the minimums.

How many mags do you think are enough?


Aesop said...


However, under the two-is-one rule, I am/have acquired spares for the primary rifle, and pistol, so I'm doubling down on mags too, as possible.

Best case, they may become another weapon set for someone else. Worst case, I lose the original weapon and mags. So spares for each are in order.

Along with spare parts and cleaning supplies for each.

Anonymous said...

Redundancy - not moderation - is the key to life.

And so it is that a big stack of magazines and a large cache of ammunition puts me in my happy place. Along with all the other stuff Aesop mentioned, of course.


Anonymous said...

As magazines (not firearms) are typically the primary target of new gun legislation efforts, diversity is the 'key to life' for me.

I'm not a Glock or AR guy, but you better believe I have multiple magazines for those, and other firearms, just in case I'm in the market for one down the road.


Anonymous said...

I have 9 per battle rifle. Keep in mind that my spare battle rifles are just that... Spare. In an extended shtf, spares are needed since replacementents aren't there. I have never been in a true battle, so I can only extrapolate from y experiences in shoot houses and sim rounds. Multiplying that feeling by a gazillion and knowing that mag retention wasn't even a nanosecond of consideration in the shoot house, II expect to drop and loose just about every mag I expend. At least if I survive the first two or three gun fights. Yep...need the spares

doug said...

I have way more then you suggest .that said .go out and buy more when the prices drop.
Then keep buying ammo too

Prairie Patriot said...

I think you should have about 12 per rifle and 6-8 per pistol. My reasoning is along the same line as yours minus the barter part. Any more is gravy and can be used in caches.

Commander_Zero said...

I decide on the amount based on the notion of 'stores stop selling them tomorrow'. If I live another 30 years, and cant get any more mags after tomorrow, how many would I want for the next thirty years? People who say "Oh, I've got plenty..I have ten mags for my AR-15" are, IMHO, short sighted. Can they think of any ten items theyve held onto and had work flawlessly for thirty years? Didnt think so.

Between now and the next thirty or forty years there are plenty of opportunities for magazines to get dented, stolen, damaged, lost, destroyed, confiscated, worn, sacrificed, 'loaned out', or otherwise taken off your 'active' roster. Anyone who thinks a half dozen magazines will last them the next several decades is taking absurd and unneccesary risks.

My numbers look something like twenty mags per rifle, a dozen per pistol, and then take that total and multiply by five or six for a final total.

Max said...

We have about 35 mags for each AR carbine(including the pistol), 20 for the AR in .308
Since they now have to be purchased out of state and shipped in via. a 3rd party, I don't feel like an addict anymore. I thought this was overkill but then they passed the new laws.
You just never know.

Amelia Wilson said...

Great post!

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