Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Product Review: Preparedness Seed Bank

Today we will be reviewing a product from Home Town Seeds. You can also check them out on Facebook. We will be looking at their Preparedness Seed Bank.

The Good: It's definitely a bunch of seeds which is cool. Also that they are individually packaged gives you options to have some seeds at one place and others at another. That they include some basic instructions on germination, planting, etc is handy. Granted trying to grow something based solely on a couple page long explanation is almost impossible an iffy proposition but a few reminders to jog the memory of a person who fundamentally has the skills never hurt. Since the interwebz and potentially many of your references might not be available something is better than nothing. The Bad: I would like to see a seal on the container the seeds come in. If it was cache ready with an airtight screw cap instead of just a normal push on type cap that would be nice. Ugly: Nothing particular comes to mind. Overall it is a solid product worth checking out.


Justin said...

It is certainly a good package, Ryan. Simple, but solid. I'll likely plant some next year.

Mayberry said...

You can do a whole lot better with Jebadiah Fisher. There's a metric buttload of seeds in his packages and the prices are hard to beat.

Justin said...

I won mine in a giveaway Ryan was running. Can't beat free. ;-)

fltactical said...

I tried to find someone that has actually planted these seeds to see their potential production value. Anyone find a review that shows the seeds are bioactive and will produce?

Ryan said...

Mayberry, I have heard of them. Do they offer a comparable deal packaged for the long term?

If they feel like advertising here I would certainly be willing to listen. Can always use more seeds.

Justin, Exactly.

FLtactical, I dunno but would be interested in that myself.

Mayberry said...

"Packaged for the long term" is misleading. Yes he packages his seed in mylar, but further steps are necessary for long term storage, like freezing. Give him a shout, he will be glad to talk to you.

Justin said...


I can try to bring some to germination if you want. It's a bit late, but I can grow a few indoors in a pot or a planter if there's interest. I'll take pics and do a writeup if you want. Your site or mine- no matter.

Ryan said...

Justin, No pressure but if you want to that's cool. By all means write about it.


fltactical said...

For what this is worth, I received a reply from Jebadiah Seeds. I asked what the shelf life of the seeds were:

The garden seed if kept below 40 degrees will remain viable for well over a decade. The seed is shipped in individual zip-lock Mylar bags. I store my seed in the freezer.

Thank You

Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed

Take it for what it is worth

fltactical said...

Justin: Your offer to try and germinate your seeds would be a very appreciated sacrifice. I would love to know how active these seeds are. Thanks for your offer, I look forward to the results.

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