Saturday, July 13, 2013

Range Report: Burris MTAC Dialed In!

This morning I had some plans so woke up fairly early. Things sort of fell apart so I came home to get myself together. Decided to grab some stuff then go shooting. My only real goal was to get the Burris MTAC on Project AR zeroed at 100 meters. Max Velocity likes the 100 meter zero. Personally while the 100 is a fine option I favor the 50 meter zero. However since the BDC on my scope is based on a 100 meter zero that is just what makes sense.

Got to the range and it was a ghost town. It was full this morning but I guess nobody felt like shooting outside in the desert in July. Anyway the couple people there cleared out pretty quickly so I had the whole place to myself. Since I was the only guy shooting the Rangemaster said it was fine for me to shoot a group, go check, repeat as needed. So I was able to it really dialed in which was great.

After a couple rounds to get used to the BDC I put 3/4's of a mag into the 300m steel without a miss. The 400 was a bit hit and miss but that is much more me than the gun. For my purposes as a practical defensive rifle I am pretty happy with where things are. Need to work on the chuckle head behind the gun with some good training but that is another discussion.

Now I'm at home drinking water to rehydrate. Shooting is fun. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Few finer feelings in life than having put a new rifle/sight combination in its case for the first time knowing that the next time you need or want to pull it out, it'll hit where it's supposed to. As to the problems at 400, I wouldn't be hard on myself. For all but the best AR's and AR shooters, anything past 300 is iffy. Maximum effective range, as best as I can recall, only means a hit half the time. Or you were just holding it wrong.

Ryan said...

Justin, Got to free float it. Then toss on some paint and it will finally be done.

@6:45, Yes it is a great comfort. Have you ever heard the phrase "Operator Head Space and Timing?" I suspect an Appleseed or two and some high power matches would let me make that bell sing.

Boosh! said...

Hey Ryan,
I'm not trying to make a statement, I'm curious: why did you go with a Burris?
Is that a detachable base on it?
What type of round were you using?

-cool rifle.

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