Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reflections on Weak Spots and Priorities

There are some times when you take a step back then reflect on life. I had one of them recently. The good thing is that overall the results were positive. Great family, pretty decent job I am fairly happy with, not a financial mess. Certainly could be worse. There were however some areas where I came up wanting.

Fitness- I am not in terrible shape but am not in great shape either. It's taken awhile to get there but I may have finally realized that youth's forgiveness for poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption and less than ideal consistency is no longer in my favor. Being good 5 days a week isn't cutting it anymore. I can do anything I have in the past, just have to more consistently make positive healthy choices.

Training- I need to get some quality training to beef up weaker skill sets, specifically handgun and defensive shotgun stuff. While more stuff would be nice I need to get better with the (already decent stash) of stuff I have. Am saving some money towards that goal now. Once we are settled in the next place I'll start pursuing available opportunities. We will be within reasonable driving distance (3-4 hours) of a couple large urban areas so there should be good options. Hopefully ammo comes back by then so I can get enough 9mm fmj to do this without hitting the stash too hard.

Food Storage- We have come a long way in a few months but are not "there" by a long shot. Need a whole lot more long term staples and a good stash of emergency food for variety and various kits.

Those are going to be the preparedness focus's for the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...

well said. I think sometimes we lose focus on our actual situation and develop a sort of tunnel vision where we just try to get more and more and more, never stopping to evaluate where we are and what we need to do next to improve our situation / preparedness level. I have certainly fallen into that trap before and am just now making my way out. Thanks for the post - its affirmation that I am not alone and that I am on the right track. We have to get proficient now before the SHTF with what we have at our disposal and acquiring training from "professionals" will put us head and shoulders ahead of the game when it falls apart.

Peace said...

I would like a solo stove, HOUAH

Ryan said...

@6:26, Leave a comment in the Solo Stove give away post then.

Chris said...

The easiest, quickest fastest way to get ahead on food storage is to order a sampler pack of Mormon staples from the LDS.
Click on "home and family"
Click on "self reliance"

The starter kit costs $31 and is basically a month's supply of staples for an adult. It is sealed and suitable for storage for years. Get a hand grinder and some smaller glass containers for your kitchen so you actually use the stuff, too.

You could be far worse off than having a case of MREs per adult, 1-3 LDS "starter kits" per adult, a healthy pantry, and a Victory Garden in the yard. I think you could put together such a stash for about $150 per adult, maybe less. A two or three month food supply would get you through any but the most Rawlesian types of collapses/disruptions.

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