Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gone Fishing

It seems the war drums are getting pounded pretty hard for Syria. Between Russia, ethnic tensions and Iran/ Hezbollah that is a complicated situation for sure.  While not an expert on that area it is difficult to think of a realistic scenario where anything good happens for the US by getting involved there. From a real politik perspective none of the combatant parties are particularly pro US or nice people so it is fine if they kill each other. It saddens me that normal innocent people are caught in the middle but this is not a simple/ cheap problem to solve.

However that is something I cannot control. Haven't been paying much attention to the news. Still trying to figure out the tv channels/ times here and honestly I just don't care much. No point in stressing things going on far away.

We've been fishing a few times lately. Sort of figuring out a routine that works for our family which is good. Kiddo got his own pole while helps considerably with keeping him entertained. Caught a fish the other day which was good. It was 18 inches long and weighted 16 pounds; see I'm blatantly lying which is a sure trait of a fishermen. Getting better for sure which is easy when starting from ground zero.

Mostly it's something to do with the family outside; away from blogs, smart phones, social media and the TV just being together and talking. Sadly that is a novel idea these days. Spending more time outside and less time stressing our current 24/7 information cycle is probably a good thing. When we get settled I'm going to get a hunting license then start trying to shoot stuff.

Interestingly Max Velocity wrote an article comparing and contrasting Canteens vs Hydration Bladder
John Mosby wrote Tactical Applications of The Defensive Sidearm Part 3

From the Warehouse:
Camping Survival is now stocking a wide variety of Fish Antibiotics and  Potasium Iodine anti radiants


Anonymous said...

Well if bamarama throws some tomahawks, despite what the people want.Minimally, we are looking at gas going up.With that in mind, I filled up all the vehicles w/ my stored fuel.Went to the gas station and got fresh gas w/stabil added.Redated, and stored.Less than some, better than most.thanks for the read ryan. HdesertLvn

Ryan said...

Highdesertlivin, Agreed. I have been a bit more vigilant about topping our vehicle off. Also keeping my eye out for some decent cans at the right price that I would fill up.

irontomflint said...

That "story" of the fish is totally believable. If anyone asks how you derived the weight of the fish, just tell them honestly- the fish had scales on it;)

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