Sunday, August 25, 2013

Revolver Discussion Revisited

I wrote a post about revolvers before realizing that it said the same thing as A Discusion of Revolvers from a bit more than a year ago. So instead of finishing the new post I just linked to the old one. Commander Zero's points are also valid. Since writing the previous post I spent a fair bit of time carrying a J frame in the blast furnace that is Arizona and discussed it here: Living with my J Frame and Living with my J Frame 2 .

Thoughts on revolvers for practical use?


Vedron said...
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Chris said...

Great for the field. I carry a GP-100 for hiking/hunting use.

Great for deep concealment.. Snubbies are easy to hide and I feel more comfortable with a snubby's reliability than many pocket 380s.

Ok as a less expensive option for a standard service revolver type CCW. I'd prefer to save the dough required to get a used M&P or Glock though, and the ~$200 Security Sixes and such have really dried up.

Finally, if for some reason you were arbitrarily restricted to one caliber for everything, .357 is a pretty good all around caliber. You could have a snubby, a service/field revolver, and a lever gun and be able to do most things you want to do with a firearm. It wouldn't be a bad "first caliber" to get into for reloading.

Meister said...

That's a really subjective question. In the thoughts of many of the experts I deal with, they all say the same thing. Which gun is best? The one you can carry all the time. I've personally found it easier to carry the LCP than the 340PD I had for years. The LCP is thinner and easier to deep conceal in khaki pants at work, or in the pocket of my shorts than a revolver that tends to print unless you have it under your shirt.

The 340PD was fine in the spring fall and winter, but lacked in the summer when I prefer to swear synthetic fiber clothes to deal with the sticky dog days of summer in Indiana. I can imagine Arizona has less humidity, but the same heat as far as the index is concerned.

I tended to carry the 340PD in the pocket of my jacket for comfort and so I could have quick access to it while walking out in the open to my car or the store, etc.

Since I switched to the LCP, my carry is more consistent and better concealed. The downgrade from 357 to 380 was of little consequence because it was more comfortable to practice with the 380, so I shot it more often. The 340PD had brutal recoil.

For me, the last few years have brought some serious advancement in arms and CC options. I've chosen to take advantage of those and keep CC as comfortable as possible.

Ryan said...

Chris, Well put. I would say the era of $200-300 quality (S&W or Ruger) revolvers is long over. For a 1 pistol caliber option .357 mag has a lot going for it.

Meister, Consistent carry matters for sure.

riverrider said...

i have a couple dozen handguns, both auto and revolver. i carry an lcp every day,everywhere. its just so dang handy. if i'm out/about and find myself in a sketchy area i slip another one in my other pocket. that said, the kimber will be my daily post-shtf.

justin said...

I used to carry a Ruger .454 Casull in Alaska (in the woods), but I traded it off for a very nice Glock 23 with extras when I moved down here (two legged predators being more of a concern in the lower 48 than the four-legged variety).

My wife's "woods gun" was/is a Taurus Tracker in .357 mag, which is quite a bit more practical. She can shoot .38 spl and .357 of course, and it's not as huge as was my .454. I'm sort of fond of that .357 of hers. Not too big, but plenty of punch for the two-legged predators out there.

Right now wifey carries a (pink digital camo!) .38 Special that is tiny. She likes the simplicity of a point-and-shoot revolver.

I'd agree with you about the .357, Ryan. It's a good balance, IMO. I could handle the hot .454 handloads better than most, but follow-up shots take some time.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I'm a revolver-dinosaur for many of their classic attributes: intuitive, simple, won't be pushed out-of-battery, they don't spit brass all over creation, etc. I understand revolvers, and revolvers understand me.

The same reasons I really like my new doubletap defense 45.

"Yes", only 2 shots (back-up gun), "no" of course it's not a range gun, and "no" it's not pleasant to shoot.

But I tell you what: for summer carry and /or true concealment (when concealment really matters), it wins 'hands-down'. And honestly, shooting it is no where *near* as bad as the reviews I've read. The recoil really isn't that bad. And it's a 45.


TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

I've been hankering for a .357 mag for a while now. Almost bought a Smith 627 a few months back...kicking myself for not doing it now. Been eye-balling the 686, the 66 and model 19, too.

If you're into reloading, revolvers offer all manner of versatility, from wimpy plinking loads to full-on killer man eating bear defense loads.

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