Monday, August 19, 2013

Solo Stove Review

The Solo Stove arrived today.
When taking out the garbage tonight, a small cardboard box was discovered on the front steps. No brand name on the box, just a plain white mailing label.

The package was addressed to me, all excited, thinking it was the Solo Stove that I had won in the contest here. The return address was from a company I never heard from, in Kentucky.
Oh darn, I thought, not the stove.

We opened the box and inside was a small little cardboard box that said Solo Stove on the sides. What a little box for a stove, I thought.

We opened the box and took out a nice black bad imprinted with the Solo Stove logo. Opening the bag, and taking out the stove was a bit disappointing. Such a little light, stove for camping and cooking.
And so light weight.

We took out the insert and put in back on the stove. We looked inside the stove and it was not what we thought it would be. That was all the space you needed to build a fire to cook with? Couldn't be.

Went to the computer and looked up Solo Stove, watched the videos again and again. No doubt, this was the stove we had been wanting to buy for some time. Somehow, it looked larger in the videos. And it is so light weight.

I asked My Hero if he thought it would burn gumballs, as the neighbors tree has carpeted our yard with the spiny little things.

He thought we should use twigs from the back yard to make the fire with. We have plenty of twigs and small branches in the back yard from the ancient apple tree that toppled during a storm and had to be cut back to the ground.

But first a trip to the pantry to check out stainless steel cookware.
What did we have that could be used on the little Solo Stove?

[Ryan here. The Solo Pot 900 works great. A generic steel mug/ canteen cup works fine too.]

We found five stainless steel pots that we tried out on the stove.

First lesson is we don't really have a pot to cook with for the little stove.
Our stainless cookware all have long standard handles.
Which makes the pot too heavy on one side to use for cooking over the Solo Stove.

Of course My Hero immediately said we needed to go to Bass Pro Shop to find the right camping pots for the stove. I found some old stainless cooking pans and cooking cups from long ago. They will fit the Solo Stove nicely.
Since it is dark out now, we will wait until tomorrow for the Great Solo Stove Experiment.

Report tomorrow when we actually use it.

Thank you

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Anonymous said...

Its important to keep the pot base smaller than the stove, the reflected heat from pot base back down can really do a number on the stove unit.

Also beware of cooking on ALUMINUM if that stove is really cranking, I melted a Swiss 'Volcano' 1 litre pot stove when I got a little ambitious with fuel in the aluminum stove. Filled bottle weight keeled it over - NOT A HAPPY CAMPER that day! I don't think Solo stove body is aluminum, just commenting on pot above.

Hope this helps.

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