Saturday, August 31, 2013

War Drums and Random Thoughts

So our President wants to give Syria a spanking. Looks like President Obama wants Congress Mommy's approval before acting. Half the democrats are such doves they wouldn't vote to fight anybody, ever and the Republicans love them some war but wouldn't agree with President Obama that water is wet. So this should be fun to watch.

Playing with carry setups. Think the right answer for me is pocket at home and appendix when out. I've been a bit lazy so pocket has gotten more play then it probably should. Not having a good dedicated appendix holster is part of the problem.Looking at getting a Raven Vanguard to try fixing the hardware issue. They fit different sized Glocks without irritating extra space which is huge for me plus at that price point I'll take a chance. Meant to order one today but lost track of time.

Had an awesome lunch down in Lake Charles yesterday. Wonderfully cooked shrimp that were huge. Also had gumbo for the first time which was cool. I like the food down here.

Not having much stuff has been interesting. This has been a good reminder that if you pick the right stuff it's easy to get by without too much. When we get the rest of our stuff it will be time to go through everything again. Last move a lot of stuff was thrown away or donated. This time it will probably be less than last but  we can stand to get rid of some unnecessary stuff. Sort of along those lines I plan to organize some preparedness stuff. Probably look at caching some redundant stuff and using the rest to fill out useful systems. Looking at that as an opportunity to identify small holes in our preps which will be really good. Failing because you could not afford to buy a 5k whatever sucks but what can ya do on the other hand failing because you forgot a $20 cord/ cable/ widget would suck.

Things are looking good for the housing plan. It ain't over till it's over but there aren't many gates left to pass through. Living in a nice place we actually like will be really nice. Hopefully it all works out.

So far this weekend we have been busy. Yesterday we went to Lake Charles which was cool and then fished in the evening. Today we hit a flea market this morning. Some stuff was decent but half the vendors seemed to have stuff pulled from the trash put into piles that were covered with filth and dust at 4x fair market value. Not going back there any time soon. Got some fun plans for the rest of the weekend.

Well I'm bored of writing so it's time to wrap this up. Talk to you all later.


Anonymous said...

"Looks like President Obama wants Mommy's approval before acting."

I don't think that's a fair assessment. If Obama was to act without Congress we would be all over his case about it. I think it's either he's looking to share the blame when the shit hits the fan or he enough members of Congress in his pocket that he could go to war and have their bought and paid approval and Conservatives wouldn't have anything to call him out on.

Just my two cents

Anonymous said...

Vanguard is good but also look at G-Code Incog ( )give multiple position options in small package plus you can get spare mag pouch on holster so it is one easy package.
I havent tried it yet but friends who have like it. - Chief

Harry Flashman said...

You're in a great place for fishing. The food down there is outstanding, I like the sausages best.

Ryan said...

@11:08, I do think there is some damned if you do and damned if you don't in our President's position.

Chief, I'd like to get my hands on a G-Code. A few smart gun folks seem to like it and at $30 it's solidly in the 'give it a shot' range.

Harry, Yes it does seem to be. Haven't had much sausage yet. Will keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

The incog may be the ticket. I use their regular holsters with the plate on my battlebelt with HSGi Tacos. Allows me to quickly and easily switch btwn pistols and mags depending on what i am doing/where I am. Also use Taco rifle pouches can switch between AR/AK/308 mags. So with one belt with basic stuff on it (IFAK, knife, light, dump bag)I can grab and set up various configurations of rifle/pistol in minutes.

Aesop said...

As neither force in Syria is fighting for freedom, I'm having no end of difficulty deciding which one to root for, and can see no possible cause or justification for spending so much as a dollar, let alone a drop of anyone's blood, in support of either party.

Like Iran-Iraq in the 1980s, I hope we will continue to observe from afar and cheer for both sides.

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