Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Complacency Kills

How are things coming along? Are you in a better place than last year? If one of your goals was to get more fit how is that going? If you wanted to get some quality training has that been accomplished or at least scheduled yet? Did you order that case of ammo (122 gr Tula HP $270/1,000rds). Did you buy that piece of land up in the hills outside of town? What about paying off that credit card? Did you buy that emergency food? What about getting involved in a group? Take the family camping, or even better backpacking, to test your systems? Did you start a micro business as an alternative stream of income? What about bartering for something?

I'm not saying these are necessarily the things you should be doing though they should probably be on the list. The point I'm trying to make is that you should look inward to consider if things are improving or you are just staying in the same spot.


Max said...

"What did you do today to possibly help your survival in the future?"

That's a sign I printed out and hung up at home. It helps keep us on course and motivated.
The bad thing is I can't watch football without getting mad at myself for being lazy... it's hung next to the TV.

riverrider said...

you know how to make a fella feel bad. yeah, i got more "stuff" but my fat ass got fatter too.

Harry Flashman said...

I'm pecking away, getting what I can done as I can. As the evil Yankee Captain said in "The Outlaw Josey Wales",

"doing right ain't got no end."

Ryan said...

Max, Very nice!

Riverrider, Preparedness has a lot of facets. The good part of preparedness is that if things get stalled in one place you can press on others. The bad part is it's a lot of different stuff to keep up on.

Ryan said...

Harry, That's all we can do and over time it adds up. It seems you are at a place where most of the job is maintaining equipment and systems. The downside is you have a lot of equipment and systems to maintain.

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