Friday, September 6, 2013

Low Carb Week 1

It was a bit of a short week but I like doing Friday weigh in's so there we are. Lost 5.2 pounds this week. My diet was basically eggs, meat, fruit, veggies and some dairy. Strictly speaking fruit and some veggies have carbs so maybe low starch is a better way to put it but lets keep things simple. The dairy was generally minimal, a bit of cheese on some dishes and a glass of milk before bed. Had some various sauces with meat, largely as part of coming up with meals that worked for me and the family.

Going to have a fatty meal tomorrow for dinner (realized that eating well Sunday-Friday at noon then junk for 30 some odd hours doesn't work) then do the same thing again next week. After this I don't know. Probably a fairly similar diet for awhile but may work in some oatmeal or decent cereal in the morning.

Aside from being happy about ditching a few pounds this is my way of reminding you that it's simply not practical to outrun the fork. The math doesn't work. A hard workout can easily be outdone with a couple of cookies. Baring insane volume (like ultra marathon type stuff) you simply have to address diet to get weight loss results.

 I did get back to some decent exercise this week but nothing crazy. More of a transitional week back into it than anything. Just might have a rough idea of a decent routine for my needs as well as wants. Next week I'll hit it a bit harder to see.


Harry Flashman said...

I need to quit eating bread and cheap sandwich meat like bologna. But it's quick, no mess, and you aren't hungry anymore.

I eat fruit but it isn't satisfying.

At least I have quit eating things like ice cream and other "sweets."

Don't exercise much other than just walking to the mail box and back, but that's about two miles and it's up and down hills.

Ryan said...

Harry, We eat turkey for lunch meat. Wifey and kiddo make sandwiches with it. I either do a lettuce wrap or just heat up a handful in the microwave then munch away.

I eat fruit to add variety and get vitamins n such. For a snack it's good to keep from getting overly famished. You would need to eat a lot to get full though.

Limiting sweets is a good thing for sure. Thankfully sweets are one place I seem to naturally regulate well; whisky, beer and everything fried not so much.

AM said...

Your experience mirrors my own. My first week of "no carb" (not even fruit) netted around 5 lbs down, and the second week 3. There seems to be a point of diminishing returns if you are in reasonably good shape.

I took a week off and ate sensible, and now am back on low carb, but minimizing fruits. In conjunction with a cardio specific workout plan I started I'm clearly losing fat, even if I'm not losing much weight any more. When you start out 212 lbs, losing 5% body fat drops you 10 lbs easy.

Ryan said...

AM, Makes sense. I plan to do it again next week. After that I'll probably settle into a reasonable more maintainable long term plan with some carbs in the mix.

Elise said...

I agree with Harry about the fruit not being satisfying. I prefer veggies in that sense. Fruit are also pretty annoying for me to eat (I have sensitive teeth and if I take a bite right after they come out of the fridge it just hurts my teeth).

I tried doing an almost no carb diet for a while last winter, but it only lasted about a month. I need to come up with a more workable system for myself, one that I will stick to.

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