Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obligatory 9/11 Post

I am still angry. Not so much angry about the attack on 9/11 anymore. We pretty much squared that up by killing Osama Bin Laden, numerous Al Qaeda leaders and more foot soldiers than we could shake a stick at. We also invaded Afghanistan the divided chaotic country that harbored this network. Along the way we  got drunk then stomped some annoying but unrelated individual in a bar liberated Iraq.

Where does the world stand now? Some bad people are dead but in reality new bad people came up in the ranks to largely replace them. Iraq is a moderately functional psuedo democracy that could in time grow into a fairly functional one albeit by local standards; or degenerate into a Shia dictatorship maybe with a civil war. Afghanistan is still playing out but I suspect this history's rhyme will replay itself. Lots of Americans and people from various other countries have died. Billions or trillions of dollars were borrowed and spent. However I'm not angry about any of that.

I am angry because we did not learn the fundamental lesson of 9/11 which is that ignoring legitimate threats until they successfully attack us is foolish. Far better to do something to disrupt enemy networks before they hurt you than after. We have not learned this lesson. I fear the same sort of lawless terrorist chaos is happening in Yemen and a large part of northern Africa plus of course the whole Pastunistan problem has yet to be solved (if it can be). Even worse we may be aiding slightly better spoken front men to control nation states. The saying 'fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me' comes to mind here.

How are you feeling today?


Anonymous said...

I'm still pissed too, Ryan, but probably as much at the current crop of "best and brightest" politicians and professional bureaucrats who have mislead us and mishandled our country since 9/11, as the terrorists. I expect the terrorists to be working against us; the others should be working for us.

And, we the electorate are largely letting these people get away with it. They take "responsibility" when called out, but there are no "consequences" for their actions. Something is very wrong with this picture.


irontomflint said...

My dilemma in this whole fuster-cluck is whether or not this whole scenario is a huge “fiction’ being played upon us.
Look at the way (our government said) less than fifteen of our “best and brightest” (Badasses) were able to completely rid Afghanistan of Al-Qaida while we went WFO against Saddam in Iraq because weapons of mass destruction were supposedly being used on Iraqi citizens (that and he had control of oceans of oil that is now being sold to China to keep the factories running).
Throughout this, the Democrats were having conniptions because there weren’t enough “facts” to prove any of it actually happened.
Fast forward to fall of 2010 and Obama triples the forces in A-stan to rid them (again) of Al-Qaida, and the news media doesn’t bat an eye.
On to July of 2013… it was reported that huge chemical weapons stockpiles (that were found in warehouses controlled by Al-Qaida,) had been found, yet Assad gets the blame for the gassing of the innocents.
Today, we have the Obama wanting to rid Syria of weapons of mass destruction and Assad, by siding with the rebels (and Al-Qaida)! The same “folks” he tripled the occupying force in A-stan to get rid of… he now wants to assist in “liberating” Syria (of Russian influence)!

Anonymous said...

That was a good post - thank you for writing it.

I just wish the U.S. would learn to leave the rest of the world to deal with their own problems. No one is grateful, in fact we are resented for it.

Much of the reason we are attacked is precisely because we do this. If we left them alone, they would have no reason to attack us. Be too busy shooting and killing themselves like they want to.

Aesop said...

I pretty much knew it had gone pear-shaped when we started cracking down on our civil liberties HERE, instead of on their civil liberties THERE.

But it's never a good idea for the milkitary to get too unfamiliar with warfighting concepts they forget over too much peacetime.

We just need to didtch that idiotic "you break it you bought it" crapola from Colon Powell, and substitute it for "you mess with us, we break it, and keep on breaking it, until you f*** off and stay in your own little sewer".

Call it the Aesop "Stay Off My Lawn" doctrine of American geopolitics.

And seriously, when people were stepping out the 90th floor holding hands, how could anyone with half a brain (which clearly disincludes jihadis, on principle) not know we were going to visit some biblical smackdown on their house??

Chris said...

I wish the Lesson Learned from 9/11 was "Let's Roll."

The passengers on flight 93 sized up the situation, gathered intel as best they could, made a plan, and took action. A few brave Americans, by boldly taking action without waiting to be told what to do, managed to save more lives than the military, the FAA, or arguably even first responders at the other sites. Another wide bodied jet crashing into the capital -- or anywhere in the heart of downtown DC -- would likely have killed hundreds of people.

Instead of decisively kicking ass in Afghanistan to punish the perpetrators we let our mission creep into a half-assed back-burner attempt at nation building, failed to solve the Pakistan problem, and continuously failed to articulate attainable strategic objectives.

Instead of simultaneously encouraging a "can do!" spirit at home and promoting civic engagement and emergency preparedness, the American people were told to go shopping, accept being groped by TSA, and cower in their homes begging to have SWAT prone them out when a teenage terrorist with some pressure cooker IEDs is bleeding out in their backyard.

Anonymous said...

Unholy shyte on fire, gullible preppers
still exist 12 years
Wakey wakey we know what went down.

Listen to real radio instead of FOXCNNMSNBCHBO.
I suggest Hawk and Deagle for mil insider stuff.

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