Monday, September 2, 2013

So What's It Going To Be- Bashar Al-Asad on US Options in Syria

Well, here we are. It’s been two years of fighting, over 100,000 people are dead, there are no signs of this war ending, and a week ago I used chemical weapons on my own people. If you don’t do anything about it, thousands of Syrians are going to die. If you do something about it, thousands of Syrians are going to die. Morally speaking, you’re on the hook for those deaths no matter how you look at it.

So, it’s your move, America. What’s it going to be?

I’ve looked at your options, and I’m going to be honest here, I feel for you. Not exactly an embarrassment of riches you’ve got to choose from, strategy-wise. I mean, my God, there are just so many variables to consider, so many possible paths to choose, each fraught with incredible peril, and each leading back to the very real, very likely possibility that no matter what you do it’s going to backfire in a big, big way. It’s a good old-fashioned mess, is what this is! And now, you have to make some sort of decision that you can live with.


Archer Garrett said...

How do you two know each other?

Ryan said...

Vegas, There ain't no party like the Dictator party because the Dictator party don't stop.

Anonymous said...

Since the US is going to get blamed no matter what, I vote for getting blamed for not putting US service members lives in danger. Again.

Like the war in the Balkans, there is no upside for the US. The fact that only the French are on our side is proof positive that we are on the WRONG side.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty much what it boils down to, either way a lot of people are going to get hurt. Al Qaida sympathizers will be helped by U.S. bombing, which is strange - we are spending so much time and money sending drones to kill them.

Anon 2:55, that was well put. Either way, U.S. will be blamed for upping the ante.

Anonymous said...

Looking more and more like Somalia to me, and I can't imagine any positive outcome for expenditure of any of our expensive ordnance or precious lives there whatsoever.

If we just want to drop some bombs, there are several excellent bombing ranges out west that we could use a lot less expensively. We could declare one of them Syrian territory, bomb the snot out of the cactus, airdrop the 82nd in to occupy it and declare victory, and all out of the current training budget.

Ryan, is there a source for the Dictator party thing? I may want to quote that sometime.


riverrider said...

i was in the balkans and i think we did a good thing going in there. we helped a lot of people without high losses on either side. this situation however is nothing like the balkans. first let me say i don't believe for one second assad did this. he is highly educated here in america. there was no upside to using chems. there are reports that the un inspectors think the rebs did this, and there is a british embed that says the rebs did this by accident as well. the rebs were caught red-handed twice trying to fake an attack. so the big question is why we are willfully falling for it. obama obviously doesn't want to act, or he would have never bowed to congress. so who's pushing us into war? who stands to gain the most? why has the media switched sides this morning? somebody is wagging the dog here, and it won't turn out good for anybody. murphy and unintended consequences always have their say.

Archer Garrett said...

Dictator party - classic!

Yeah, he's an OG - Original Genocider.

Ryan said...

H, At the risk of oversimplification I'd compare it to Lebanon.

The dictator saying was adapted from some song.

Riverrider, The Balkans were another story. It was such a mess with truly massive loss of civilian life on all sides. Furthermore stopping it was a relatively minor muscle movement that cost us very little blood.

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