Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Water Contamination and Failure in LA

Our little 'ville is having some water issues. A pipe or something broke. First the water was deemed unsafe to drink and we had a 'boil watch' then it went out entirely. Of course by the nature of things this had to happen during a transition. In our normal established setup this would not be an issue. When settles we have a bunch of water jugs full and the Big Berkey to filter more water. We had a couple filters on hand but none you would really want to filter a household's worth of water for a week in.

Thankfully the water did come back on though it's still under the boil watch and pretty nasty. Also we were able to get some additional jugs and a few gallons of water to deal with tomorrow and probably the next day. After that we can purify and stash it in the jugs. For tomorrow at work I've got a Berkey Sports Bottle to keep me safe as well as hydrated at work. 

This whole thing has me wanting to purchase a Hydrant Water Storage System from Titan Ready Water so we can keep a month's worth of water on hand in an easy to handle setup.

For this short period we are probably just going to eat food that does not require cooking on disposable dishes.

Immediate lessons:
Have multiple methods of water filtration on hand at all times (We did this)
When possible have at least a few day's worth of water on hand. More is better. (We normally do.)
Have foods that can be eated without much prep/ water. (We have some food here.)
Have disposable plates/ bowls// dishes to save on water/ effort for short term issues.

Will talk more about this fun little disaster experiment later.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how dependent we are on something as simple as potable water piped into house. Water closet, sink and shower no longer working - that sucks.

Especially for the elderly who are home bound. You might do a neighborhood check on anyone in that boat, the elderly can be mighty stubborn and not ask for assistance.

Aesop said...

Thanks for reminding me why, despite over a decade since any water isses, the barrel and the Berkey aren't just pretty thingamjigs.

Best wishes, and thanks for keeping it real and connecting the dots.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Sounds like we share a town...

Anonymous said...

We moved about six weeks ago (just across town). I've moved the water jugs but have been too busy [lazy] to refill them--do have about twelve bottles in the IAHBL box but unrationed, that'd be about a day's drinking. That situation will be rectified before my head hits the pillow tonight. Thanks for being open enough to share not just the super cool but your mistakes as well. Might save us a few.

Prairie Patriot said...

Go figure, Murphy decided to visit you when you were in transition. Imagine that. :)

Glad to hear the water came back on.

Ryan said...

Don't live near any old people.

Aesop, They are important.

We may.

Fill those cans up!!!

Thanks, First I don't so much consider this a fail as we are in transition. Second I try to share so folks know the magical interwebz survivalists are human too.

Prairie Patriot, Yes it did. SOrt of how life goes. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Get a 330 gallon tote/IBC. Much greater volume for the footprint. And cheaper, too.

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