Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Low Carb Diet Week 1

The Friday before last Wifey proclaimed we were going on a strict diet of meat, eggs, veggies, etc, basically super low carb.......for 12 weeks. In fairness to Wifey the proclamation was that SHE was going on said diet. However given that she buys and cooks the food plus I try to support her goals and can stand to lose a few pounds I came along for the ride.

We sort of tried doing something earlier but it slipped off in all the transitions and minus a week or so just turned into a 3 month long eating out junk binge. It was something we couldn't afford to sustain financially or physically. Anyway we may have enjoyed a few luxuries that weekend but got going strong on Monday. Given that it was a spur of the moment thing with almost no planning I'm glad we pulled it together.

Last week I lost 6 pounds which was pretty good because 2 days were a loss due to lack of self control a busy work schedule. Wifey lost considerably more by percentage. We're generally starting to figure out meals that work and low carb snacks to keep us from going crazy. So far so good I guess.

We will be taking of Thanksgiving and some time for Christmas but otherwise plan to stick it out. One week down 11 more to go. After this I'm not sure what the plan is. Probably to keep a high protien, high veggie diet but intermingle some good carbs and fruit. We've got awhile to figure it out so that helps.

[Note I say family but mean Wifey and I. Walker is eating normally and Princess is eating what she should based on age. I would not recommend any sort of diet, aside from just eating reasonably, for children under any conditions without first consulting a doctor.]


Anonymous said...

Check out Mark' for a specific adaptation of low-carb / Paleo. (We use his website for general principles to follow regarding nutrition, not for any of his specific recommendations re food quality or non-nutrition topics.) My wife and I have been Primal/Paleo since April of this year. Unbelievable and effortless weight loss, steady and elevated energy levels, overall great health. The benefits, for us, are amazing. Good luck. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to clean out for a new job D test...just eating chicken turkey and greens, not fruits, carbs or sugars. A bit too extreme, I wouldn't do this for just weight loss [ie: I'd add back tomatos, rice and stuff], but yeah, the pounds just fall off if you cut out the sugar. And it's AMAZING how hard it is to find foods that aren't laden with tons of sugar.

Good luck!

Harry Flashman said...

That doesn't sound too bad. As I recall, your wife is a pretty good cook. When you are at work, where do you eat lunch? We used to have to eat at the Officer's Club, there wasn't anywhere else out on our part of Lejeune.

Roger Thornhill said...

I've done South Beach, Paleo, and now I'm trying to do a primal/low carb, but without being ridiculously strict. My usual day:

Scrambled eggs
Turkey sausage
Black tea

V8 juice
4 brazil nuts

-Big salad with meat (steak, chicken)
-Some type of meat/veggie combo
-Or, fast food: Chipolte (burrito bowl, minus rice and beans, lots of guac)

Lots of options here, but I like a meat and a veggie. Shrimp and roasted broccoli, steak and sweet potato, etc. Some times I allow myself a light starch here, like a little white rice or pasta.

If you take away sugar, junk food, and worthless starches (bread, mac and cheese, french fries), the pounds drop off effortlessly.

Archer Garrett said...

I guess we're doing what is called "Primal" according to the Paleos.

It's the normal Paleo, but we each chose some cheats. Mine is dairy and peanut butter. Hers is dairy and frilly low-fat coffee drinks.

Still relatively low carb. But we'll eat brown rice or a baked potato if we're so inclined.

I think the main thing is to refrain from the processed stuff. And include cardio and strength training in the program. It's hard to be fat if you run 3 days a week and lift 4. Not that it can't be done, by Gawd, we're 'Merica.

Archer Garrett said...

Her excuse is that cave men *woulda* drank frilly coffee drinks if they'da had the option. Not sure if that defense holds water, but who am I to judge?

Anonymous said...

We have good luck with cutting out the "white"
white sugar, flour, rice, potatoes
stick to lean fresh meats, no processed meat

Theother Ryan said...

@8:04, I wouldn't say my energy level is up exactly. Would however say it is more consistent without the insulin spikes. I find myself not getting the mid afternoon crash anymore. Thanks.

Harry, I may be prejudiced but she is a darn good cook. Generally I try to bring left overs for lunch. Best for the diet and wallet. Other days there aren't left overs so I'll get a salad or splurge at a local BBQ place.

Archer, Sounds like a solid plan. We are eating very low carb but are including dairy. With the coffee foo foo drinks I'd be most concerned about the sugar content.

I do body weight stuff and run M-F then lift 2-4x a week. You truly cannot outrun the fork but it sure helps.

@7:49, There are a lot of diets that are quite similar. Fewer carbs/ little to no sugar and processed stuff seems to be the way to go.

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