Thursday, October 31, 2013

NANOWRIMO Goes Nothing!!!

Patrice got the idea into my head. Given that I have been working on a book for awhile now (halfway through Chapter 8 of I'm not sure how many now) off and on so it seems like a good thing to try. NANOWRIMO might just be the ticket to get it done.

My rational side says I'm pretty busy so I do have some concerns about when I will find time to AVERAGE a bit over 1,600 words a day. While a marathon evening or two is doable I am not honestly willing to make a ton of sacrifices from my busy and generally productive life (work, gym, family, sleep, etc) to make it happen. My challenge will be identifying useable gaps of time in my current schedule then taking advantage of them.

Honestly if I get The Crunch finished but do not make the word could that would still be a huge win. If I finish Book 1 of The Crunch (Planning to go Archer style with 2 or more parts to the larger work)

So anyway here it goes.


Nonanonymous said...

Good luck. I've read all of Archer Garrett, reading Matthew Bracken now, both at your suggestion, and liked the first chapter you posted a couple of months back.

My brother in law has also published his first fiction, The Teutonic Cross, so for the first time in my adult life and with the exception of the occasion Clancy novel, I've actually become a reader. Not that i had so much spare time, but it is relaxing. Thanks!

Matt said...

This is my fifth year doing it, and I've won 3 of the last 4, so take this advice with a grain of salt however large you prefer.

Get out of bed at five and start typing. I only managed 5:30 this morning and still had 1100 words by 7:30.

Archer Garrett said...

I've never tried NANOWRIMO, but I can see where it'll definitely get you focused on writing.

I've also found that my creativity (and therefore, ability to write) is inversely related to the level of stress I'm under. Long, hard days at work equal me just wanting to come home, eat dinner, workout and hang with the wife for a little while before going to bed.

Work's been pretty rough lately, since they got this depression goin on. Understaffed and what not. Hard to come home and sit in front of a keyboard and work after a long day.

With that said, if there's a way you can reduce the stress in your life (work, family, otherwise), you'll tend to write more.

Theother Ryan said...

Non, Interesting. Reading is a good thing I think.

Matt, I wake up at 0525 to go to work now. Waking up earlier isn't happening; did however identify some holes in my day where writing can be done.

Archer, Definitely. I agree. Personally I seem to write best when I get relaxed and have time to just let it flow. For me these days freeing up time is the hard part.

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