Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Orange Jeep Dad's House Burned Down: A Sad Reminder

I don't really know this guy though we generally flow through similar circles. Only so many blogs one can follow I suppose. Anyway he finally made the big move to the country then his house burned down. There is an effort to gather donations for the family if you feel so inclined.

Thankfully no lives were lost but a whole bunch of their stuff is gone. That still sucks a lot. It really sucks for normal people but for survivalists, gun enthusiasts and "tangible investors" whose stuff is far less likely to be adequately covered by insurance it could be truly financially terrible. Additionally I would suspect wood homes that heat with wood and are far from the nearest fire station (which describes many survivalists) are more likely to have catastrophic fires than one in the burbs who heats with natural gas.

The same way that we learn from peoples mistakes  we can learn from bad things that happen to others towards the goal of mitigating that type of event's effects should it strike us. Note I am in no way faulting Orange Jeep Dad or his lifestyle here. Sometimes bad things just happen in life.

To be the guy who comes out, maybe a bit too early, and says it this is a harsh reminder about why you need caches and an emergency fund. I certainly hope OJD had these things in place. Lots of things can happen in life from theft to floods or other natural disasters, all the way through the various end of the world events plus well fires. Spread your stuff out and keep some cash put away just in case.

Got Cache?


Prairie Patriot said...

We had some friends lose their home to fire as well. If Orange Jeep is reading this, then my advice to your father is to take it very slow with the insurance company, even if it takes months to inventory everything.

Sorry to hear about the loss. Glad no one was hurt.

pariah carey said...

I'm going to look into just renting a small storage space. Not gonna dig a hole in the ground. But a 4x4 room for $30 or so a month might be good insurance. I could put in a few 2nd and 3rd line guns, ammo for them, clothes and shoes. Not sure about cash or pm's.

This is a good reminder that what happened to the OJD is far more likely than any survivalist scenario. More fun to prepare for zombies and martial law but it's the mundane stuff that gets you.

Harry Flashman said...

I saw that. The guy had worked for years, on a very tight budget. Finally makes it to the country and this happens. You are absolutely right about insurance. Firearms in particular. Until Clinton was president I insured all of mine, but I had to have a special policy and I had to list each item by serial number and type. After Clinton, I decided a fire was less apt to happen than having Janet Reno do a Ruby Ridge on me, so I quit. If this place burns, the long term food storage, 30 years worth of ammo acquistions, reloading gear, and a myriad of other things not covered under a normal home owners policy are gone. I do "combat load" my supplies and equipment, spreading things between three buildings. So all of any particular item is stored in three separate locations, not one. That won't help me if we get a forest fire, though.

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