Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 870P Completion; Duracoat at Home?

I'm looking to get moving on Project 870P. The gun needs to be refinished. There aren't any local folks I know of who could park or ceracote it. Since my oven will not fit an 870 ceracoting at home is out. Since I am (and this is another conversation) looking at making it the house gun I want it to be as plane jane as possible which means black and wood not rattle can green.

Anyway I'm looking at duracoating it. Has anyone done duracoat at home? I do not have a compressor or paint gun or whatever or plain to buy those things. Input is appreciated here.

Heck I'm considering just taping over the wood and sights then rattle canning it flat black.

After the finish issue is settled I'll slap a light and a way to carry ammo on it. The ammo carrying solution will be velcro and a half dozen or so of the card style 5 shot shell holders. Toss on a sling and the project will be done.

Total cost I need to finish the project: Ballpark $200.


Aesop said...

Re-check your oven. With the buttstock, barrel, and mag extension removed, you might be able to fit the remainder into the oven, corner to corner.

Theother Ryan said...

Aesop, Valid point. I will check that.

Anonymous said...

This guy is in La Porte, TX, which is just east of Houston.
Maybe you could drive it over one day ?

He did my 45-70 and it turned out fantastic.

Theother Ryan said...

@7:21, That is a valid option. I will have to look into it!

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