Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cold Snap N Random Thoughts

In the last 3 days the temperature here has dropped about 20 degrees from High 70ish low 50ish to high 50ish low 30ish. Froze both nights. We have also had a cold run through the house. I seem to have caught it last. Feeling like doo doo.

It's max week for 5/3/1. Overhead pressed #130 which is a record. Also dead lifted 345 which is a true 1 rep max record. Might get to bench and squat but might not. Might just roll with formula max's from this months work as there will be no barn burners there.

The Crunch is coming along though not as fast as I would like. I'd love to have it for sale over the holiday season but January might be more realistic. There is movement though so that's something.

I changed up the War Belt yet again. Shifted my admin pouches to USGI canteen pouches which frees up 2 MOLLE rows. Really didn't lose much space in those pouches either as the canteen pouches extend past the MOLLE straps. This change lets me run a dedicated IFAK behind the last mag pouch. That got rid of the awkward horizontal zip pouch in front of my pistol which is good. Having the front of my hips very clear is a good thing. I'm much happier with the setup now. Have something else in mind for the weekend. Pics follow.
From left to right or since the pic is off top to bottom. Frag pouch that will hold compass and a couple small items. 2x HSGI double taco's. Tactical Tailor triple mag pouch. IFAK. 2x USGI canteen pouches. One will be an admin/ NOD pouch and the other will hold some go food. Water bottle pouch that holds .75 liter steel bottle. Would like to replace it with another bottle at some point. Mounted on that pouch is my Ontario RAT 3. Next is a Glock 9mm with TLR-1 in a Safariland 6285.
This system really opens up the front of the belt without sacrificing any pouches. The admin/ NOD and survival pouches are going to be pretty light anyway so the negligible space difference from the old pouches should not be an issue or is at least worth the trade off.

This weekend will also revolve around home improvement but it should not be too bad. That being said "It's a quick easy project" is somewhere between a banned phrase and a cue to laughter in our house.

So that's what is up here. Hope you all have a great day.

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