Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cool Gear: USGI Molle II Tactical Assault Panel

Today I want to talk about this cool piece of kit. I had the opportunity to use for my last deployment and really liked it. The 'Tactical Assault Panel' is basically a chest rig that readily converts from attaching to body armor or a plate carrier by 4 buckles to a stand alone rig with shoulder straps that are included. What I like is that it easily fits onto body armor without being a second thing to put on or cumbersome additional straps over the shoulders but if needed you can take the shoulder straps out (I kept them folded up in one of the pouches on the back of the panel) to go light and fast if needed.

The pic might not have everything the system comes with, I snagged it off the net. It comes with the panel, shoulder straps, the 2 straps that go to pair the top clips with an IOTB (sort of a weird attachment with a d ring and a tab), 2 more generic loops with a buckle attached that work great for plate carriers, the other end's for the the 2 side buckles, some other stuff.

For a training familiarity standpoint it's nice that my fighting load can be the same with or without body armor. That is a good thing I think. 

The panel has 8 pouches in a single row build in (well technically 6 mag pouches and 2 larger ones on the sides that could fit slightly bigger than mag sized items but 8 mags works too). That is not my favorite setup but it is nice for keeping things simple and streamlines. Also it helps with affordability since you do not need to go out and purchase a hundred bucks in pouches to hold mags like with a stripped out platform. The downside is all your mags are not in the same place. However the weight is distributed well which is nice and all bravado aside these setups get carried a lot more than you need to do a speed reload with mag 7 way towards the off side.

The front is done in webbing (Molle/ PALS/ whatever) so you can attach pouches or whatever as needed. Slap on an IFAK, pistol mag pouches, maybe a knife, a radio and an admin pouch and this setup is good to go.

My TAP is the heavy part of my fighting load in conjunction with the war belt. For my concept of use it is not going to have any additional pouches attached.

Anyway I wanted to share my thoughts on this cool piece of kit with you. These panels can be had for a pretty decent deal; especially since they are true duty grade gear. I recently purchased a gently used one for $40 at a local surplus store. They are also all over ebay. If you need a way to carry magazines and some other stuff, I would look hard at the TAP.

Edited to include: One limitation is the TAP is set up for M4/AR-15 sized magazines. It would probably fit any 30rd 5.56 mag but if you carry an AK or some sort of .308 it probably will not be the rig for you. 


Rourke said...

I like it. Simple is good to me.


Theother Ryan said...

Rourke, Get one brother. They are great.

Wendy J. Sadler said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy hunting my friends

John said...

I used one in Afghanistan 12-13. Bought my own recently to go with my Banshee pc. This is way cheaper than say a Haley Strategic D3 and its much more flexible. You could easily put together the parts for an Ifak and store them in one of the two larger mag pouches, not to mention the two velcro and one zippered admin pouches on the backside of the rig. If you look hard enough you might even find a Marine issue one if coyote tan is more your style.

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