Monday, November 4, 2013

Wilderness Walk Out Guns

I saw this video from Iraqvet888 then thought about it off and on all day.The basic scenario is that you find yourself stuck in the woods somewhere then have to walk out. I believe they mentioned Alaska but I would keep it more generic.

For parameters to me the "walk" portion means you are limited to 1 long gun and 1 pistol.

Long gun- My immediate thought was between a .22 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun. After a few minute's of consideration the shotgun won hands down. A 12 gauge shotgun with a variety of shells can take anything from little squirrels to (obviously at fairly close range) the biggest bears. I'm not worried about taking tiny game (let alone a right fight with people) past 40-50 meters so I'd rather have the versatility of the shotgun. Also since this is a limited time scenario (vs batman in the boondocks) the weight of shotgun ammo is not a huge issue.

A pump shotgun is ample for self defense against animals and people in anything but a crazy SHTF situation.

I would take a Remington 870 with a 28" barrel and a mix of shotgun shells all the way from #6 shot to slugs. Another pump shotgun like a Mossberg would be fine also.

Pistol- If I was gaming the scenario for the ultimate wilderness survival handgun it would be a .22 of some sort. This would be to save shotgun ammo by taking closer, easier shots on smaller game with the pistol. A .22 mag revolver of some sort would probably be ideal, given that ammo is limited to what I'm carrying anyway might as well have the extra power over the more common .22lr.

That being said realistically if I was getting stuck in an accident or whatever I would be carrying a centerfire pistol for defensive purposes, probably a .357 mag revolver so that is what I would have on my waist by default. If I move to Alaska I'll buy a .44 magnum revolver so I would be carrying that.

What are your ideal wilderness walkout guns? Do you actually take them to the woods with you?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'll stick with the .357 rifle-pistol combination. (Or .44 if in Alaska or other 'griz' country.) Yes, they go into the woods with me, the stainless pistol also accompanies me in the kayak/canoe.
Second choice would be my .22 pistol and a 'smallish' shotgun- unless in the afore mentioned caveat, then it'd be a 12 gauge.
Then I have to get into the bow and arrow genre...

Anonymous said...

If its just walking out to civilization, a single shot 12 gauge or combination .22 over 20 gauge will do just fine. The O/U makes more sense actually - small game needs more care in sighting. I don't think I could 'depend' on getting it with a handgun, but thats just me. Savage 24C would be just right.

Handgun - make it a magnum .357 - .41 - .44, THAT is the gun for keeping critters off your hide, its the only one you will have with you 100% of the time.


riverrider said...

my 38 snubby is my constant companion, with jhp and shotshells. when backcountry canoeing, the m6 410/22 goes along.nearest grizzly is in a zoo 300 miles away. once in blue moon the pt22 with can goes in place of the 38.

Harry Flashman said...

I have the same guns in my truck in the woods as I do my Jeep in town, so to speak. I usually have a 9mm pistol of some sort, and a short barreled 12 gauge turkey gun.

Anonymous said...

On our southern border. I will always have my Springfield Government Model and my AR15. More problems with two legged critters than any four legged.

Chris said...

The 357 revolver, 4" bbl, comes with me more often than not in the woods, just out of sheer convenience.

I've gotten grouse, porcupines, and rabbits with it. It'd do ok with deer, too. Good (for a pistol) defensive caliber.

Meister said...

I'd grab old faithful, my Marlin model 25 22lr that's been cut back and threaded for a suppressor. It's dead silent when running subsonic ammo and will take targets out to 150 yards if need be. All you hear when you hit the trigger is the click of the firing pin. If you're in walkabout mode, you don't have any intention of standing your ground, so it's all about detection and evasion. As far as a side arm goes, it would depend on the situation. Either a full size hi cap auto or a high powered wheel gun. GP100 or better with a long sight radius.l

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